I had my misgivings about the phrase “Smart Partnership” ever since it started to get bandied about in the late 80s (or was it the early 90s?). It just didn’t sound right. Nevertheless, it got used so often that it became a buzz-word. Nowadays, people use the phrase even without giving it a second thought.

Let’s follow this through. If a relationship is NOT a “Smart Partnership“, is it then a “Stupid Partnership“? How are we to decide which partnerhips are SMART and which are STUPID? I am sure you have come across partnerships, gloriously labeled and celebrated by the media as “Smart Partnerships” that have turn out anything but. Right?

Further, aren’t partnerships supposed to be smart moves in the first place? Otherwise, why would we even dream of getting into one? OK, sometimes mistakes are made and things go sour. But then, we can only know this after the fact. So, there is on way of telling whether a partnership is SMART (or otherwise) at its inception.

My question is: Why do we still insist on using the phrase “Smart Partnership”? There in no way to tell whether it is going to be one!

Why can’t we just say “Partnership”? It is simpler. Best of all, it is more accurate.

And don’t get me started on the phrase (word?) “Postpaid“. That’s a whole new can of worms.


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