Some Awkward Malaysian Phrases

These phrases are so often used that we tend to overlook how ludicrous they are. Have a quick peek and see what you think.

  1. Smart Partnership” – So, the other type of partnership we have in Malaysia is the STUPID PARTNERSHIP?
  2. Postpaid” – Are these cellular accounts paid for by POS MALAYSIA? Can I have one?
  3. Handphone” – So, the other type of phone we have in Malaysia is FOOTPHONE? They must be very difficult to use.
  4. Free Gift” – Aren’t gifts supposed be free in the first place?
  5. “Off the light!” – Maybe we mean “Please turn off the lights”
  6. “Shoes off!” – Maybe we mean “Please take off your shoes”
  7. “Sure or not?” – Maybe what we mean to ask is, “Are you sure?”
  8. “That’s mean…” – Perhaps what we mean to say is, “That means…”
  9. (Woman at hairdresser) “I want a BLOW JOB” – I shall assume (for the sake of propriety ) that she actually wants is a “Cut and Blow-dry”
  10. “Irregardless” – Isn’t a simple “Regardless” enough?
  11. (In business letters) “Attached, please find… ” – Have you hidden the attachment?
  12. “To be honest…” – Has he/she been lying to us before this?

I’d better stop before I come off sounding like the self-appointed spokesman for the Language Police. Regardless, can you think of some more of these phrases? They are kind of fun, aren’t they?


6 thoughts on “Some Awkward Malaysian Phrases

  1. You said it, bro! On the personal front, I really have issues with how “post-paid” is being bandied about as if it were a legitimate word. Maybe we should sick the grammar police on the cellular operators and their advertising agencies first? What do you say, bro?!

  2. Salam bro,

    Ada pun engkau…I thought you had given up blogging for good.

    With regard to you entry, yup, you’ve been yelling about them for years now! Perhaps, you should take up the post of ‘Grammar Police’.

    ps. Teh tarik? But not maghrib time lah, please!

  3. No-lah! Where got give up for good. Give up once in a while adalah. OK, teh tarik but not during Maghrib this time

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