Effective, isn’t it?

This is wonderful little parable from the Sufi tradition that I’d like to share:
A neighbour of the incomparable Mulla Nasruddin cannot help but notice the Mulla sprinkling salt around the perimeter of his house at a precise time every morning. After observing this strange ritual for several months, the neighbour could no longer contain his curiosity and confronted the Mulla.

“Why do you sprinkle salt around your house like this?” asked the neighbour.

“Oh! I’m glad that you asked. You see, my friend, this ring of salt around my house keeps the TIGERS away” replied the Mulla.

“But, brother, there are NO tigers around here!” protested the neighbour.

“Effective isn’t it?” replied the Mulla

Make of that what you will. But to me, it’s a very nice (and effective) way of saying that people will always be able to justify their beliefs and prejudices.

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