Then and Now: 1979 and 2007


Here is a lighter look at how 10 things (arbitrary) were for me in 1979 and how they are now 🙂

(1) Eyewear: (1979) Rayban Aviator sunglasses / (2007) industrial-strength multi-focal lenses

(2) Hairstyle: (1979) shoulder length ponytail / (2007) ‘hide-the-baldspot-with-any-hair-you-have-left-look’

(3) Shirt: (1979) ‘Fruit of the Loom’ T-shirt / (2007) shirts with buttons that look like they may pop at any time

(4) Pants: (1979) Straight-legged Wrangler jeans / (2007) – “Gunny-sack-look” deep pleated trousers

(5) Waistline: (1979) 30 inches <after a very heavy meal> / (2007) – 44 inches <… and counting>

(6) Ability to see own genitals while standing: (1979) all the time / (2007) – Genitals? Where?

(7) Time to complete a 1 kilometre run: (1979) a tad under 3 minutes / (2007) a tad under one week

(8) Alcohol consumption: (1979) equivalent to that of a small country / (2007) nada! <… and quite surprised (proud?) of it>

(9) How long it takes to finish a pack of condoms: (1979) not very long / (2007) just before the product expiry date

(10) Number of books read in a year: (1979) nada! <… and not proud of it> / (2007) – 24 and counting

Well, at least, not all of the changes are bad, right? 🙂

11 thoughts on “Then and Now: 1979 and 2007

  1. Good post, Bangkai. I love the comparisons. I was still in primary school in 1979. At that time, anyone in secondary school was considered “uncle” or “aunty” to me. 😀
    Strangely enough, now the age gap does not seem to be such a big deal.

    I still like looking at those Rayban Aviator sunglasses. Better if it is on a good-looking, tall and strappy guy. 😉

    I am with Elviza – I like no. 10. It is never too late to start a habit of reading.
    My dad started me on it and I haven’t stopped reading since primary school. I started off with Enid Blyton, moved on to Nancy Drew/Hardy Boys series and then eventually went into novels.

    By the way, some changes are good.

    Dear JT

    (Ahem!) This is Uncle Bangkai replying… 🙂

    Yeah, books are a truckload of fun, aren’t they. Wish I started as young as you did. But then again, its never to late, right?

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