Berbuka Puasa Buffets


There is something wrong – or maybe even sinful- about this picture: We fast all day – supposedly to be able to empathise with the less fortunate – and later on blow a whopping 100 ringgit for the breaking of fast.

Isn’t this defeating the whole purpose of exercise? Have I missed something?

17 thoughts on “Berbuka Puasa Buffets

  1. Salam bro,

    Nope, you’ve not anything! Shamefully sinful, isn’t it?

    Well, if you were to look closer, many of the young lads and lasses serving, are fasting muslims. Apart from you and many other fasting muslims, these young lads and lasses have to served non-fasting muslims and non-muslims. Pitiful sight, isn’t it?

  2. Yup, sinfully expensive food… I’m not spending 100 bucks just to buka puasa… Eh bro, this year buat open house? If ada, I can come over to “sinfully” melantak! Then I dont feel guilty becoz it is FREE! Huahuauhauau!!!

  3. Shahrir:

    Yep, I guess this is one of those things where the closer you look, the less savoury it becomes.


    Looks like no open house this year. But we can still go for ‘teh tarik’ till we go blue in the face here in Kelana Jaya.

  4. Honestly, you haven’t missed anything. I wonder myself how does one empathise with the less fortunate when there is a feast to be had at the break of fast at that price? To me, that defeats the purpose.

  5. Jason:
    Dunno about those who choose not to fast. It’s their right, I suppose.
    However, I am little amazed with those who do fast but at the same time are extravagant and wasteful in their ways.
    But then again, I guess its their right, too, to do what they wish with their money. Who am I to judge, eh?

    Thanks for the Hari Raya wishes, maam. I’m no angel, but I think we are agreed on this point: Extravagance does put a damper on learning how to empathise with the less fortunate. But then, to each his own…

  6. oh yes… to each his own. Very true too.
    And along those lines, I believe fasting is between the individual and God. And that goes for any religion.

    As a Catholic, I have my days of fast and abstinence (from meat) too – during Lent season. I know of some who take the opportunity to break fast on scrumptious seafood (due to abstinence from red meat). I do not like to judge (but here I go! haha), where is the sacrifice when one makes a feast of it at the end of the day with a huge dinner at a seafood restaurant?

    Ah… but we are back to “To each his own”. As long as I know my conscience is clear, I should mind my own beeswax. 🙂

  7. For a few years now, I have taken an oath to stay away from those overpriced buffets, as to me it’s just w.r.o.n.g and in complete contradiction to the purpose behind Ramadan. From the fiscal viewpoint too, just how much can a person eat during fasting month, when our stomachs shrink to adapt? The practice is no different here in Egypt either. Although the devils are all supposed to be chained up during this holy month, we humans have a greater devil within that we can’t shake – nafs.

    Lovely blog, btw and Selamat Hari Raya to you and family!

  8. JT:

    Yes, maam. I guess – as you say – a clear conscience is probably the key to all of this. But no conscience can be clear after spending 100 ringgit on a buffet, right?


    Thanks for visiting, maam. I think your blog is lovely, too. The header pic on yours is really awesome.
    At times, ‘nafs’ can be quite the formidable adversary that very few have actually overcome.

  9. here is wishing u a blessed raya….:)

    i hv not once berbuka di restoren this ramadan…and not once ate more than what i normally eat hehehe…..masak2 pu mcm biasa jer…

    cuma, ada sikit guilty of makan ice cream…dont know why…this ramadan…suka sungguh makan ice cream selepas berbuka…adushh…

    maaf zahir batin.


  10. Dear Mat Bangkai,

    Wishing you and your family a blessed Eid Mubarak.

    And yes, I could not agree with you more, the buka puasa events at the hotel is both overrated and over-priced.

    Sadly, I made up the statistic recently on client’s request. I got no choice. Life’s like that sometimes huh?

    Luqman and I are forever grateful for your prayers during our difficult time recently. Take care Bro.

  11. Hi Bangkai

    A quick note to wish you Selamat Hari Raya. Enjoy your holidays. 🙂

    P.S. Note to Elviza: Totally understand your situation with breaking fast at a hotel. Some things just can’t be helped. We have to keep clients happy too. 🙂 Cheers, sis.

  12. Hi MB,

    To me a lot of us have lost the plot not only for Ramadhan but for so many other areas. We concentrated too much on the physical rituals but not quite the spiritual aspects..sigh!

    Hope you are having a good raya. Salam.

  13. Hi Dude

    Nice blog. You are right. Ramadan buffets are really marketing ploys initiated by hotels to cash-in on the fact that people are hungryafter a day’s fasting. It’s got nothing to do with Ramadan.

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