The Best Bond Ever


I have heard some (probably very confused) people say that Roger Moore was the best ever Bond.


Some equally confused (probably very young) people maintain that Daniel Craig should be given this accolade.

(They’ve probably seen only that ONE Bond movie)

And I won’t even start about George Lazenby

OK, I’ll go as far as to admit that Pierce Brosnan is better looking and that Timothy Dalton has a more commanding voice. But in my books, the best ever Bond has to be the one and only SIR SEAN CONNERY. All the others are simply Bond impersonators.

(No ifs, ands or buts)

And do you remember Sir Sean’s performance as an SAS captain named John Patrick Mason in ‘The Rock’? He simply oozed class. Truth be told, I am convinced he stole the thunder right from under the movie’s leading man, Nicholas Cage. Poor old Nick looked like a boy next to Sir Sean.

When I grow up, I want to be Sir Sean Connery.

Am I a fan of Sir Sean? You could tell, huh?

16 thoughts on “The Best Bond Ever

  1. I cannot agree with you more. Sean Connery’s character, Capt John Mason, must be the ultimate male. How can you argue with a man who is at ease at kicking butt as he is at quoting passages from classic literary works? You don’t!

    I am surprised Hollywood hasn’t picked up on this and made a movie featuring the Capt John Mason character.

  2. Samad Torpedo:

    But if they cast someone other than Sir Sean in the role of Capt John Mason, it just going to fall flat, right?


    That’s right, ma’am. Sir Sean is the only person on earth who can make a speech impediment sound classy.

  3. Hmm…I thought you all time dream is to be Haji Tajul? Hahaha!

    Guess what, I did bump into him some many months ago. Still the same old man and even gave me a miscall to talk! Hah! Coulnd’t be bothered.

  4. cakapaje:

    I tell people I want to be Hj Tajul whenever I want them to think I’m a bad-ass. But as you know – I’m NOT. I’m really a nice guy *faux blush*

    Of course he’ll ‘miss call’ you to talk: he didn’t get to be rich by spending money needlessly. Oops! That didn’t quite come out right, did it? *hahaha*

  5. I agree with you , I think Sean Connery is perhaps the best bond. Not in the looks department (I agree with you too on that), but no bond is as classy as Sean Connery.

    Yes, I’m young, but I’ve watched old bond movies ok 🙂

  6. Jason:

    That’s right, mate! Nobody does it better.

    OK, not all young people are confused 😉 Definitely not you, Jason. No one who can produce quality cartoons like you can ever be confused.

  7. Sean is the best… However I like Lazenby’s Bond movie whereby Bond got married to an ass kicking crime buster lady. Sadly, the wife “died-ed”.

    What abt Jins Samsuddin as Jeffrey Zain (aka the local Bond)? Impressive… or forgettable?

    Note: “Died-ed” – a word made famous by my client. Hehehe!

  8. Digitalpix:

    Funny you should mention Jins Shamuddin. Personally, I feel that if he were English (or even Causasian), he might have given Sir Sean a run for his money for the role of James Bond.

  9. Hands down, Sean Connery was the best Bond … ever! I would put Pierce Brosnan in second place. I am just captivated with the way they move, carry themselves and seduce their women. 🙂 *swoon*

  10. JT:

    Hey! How’s that for coincidence? I rank Mr Brosnan at second place, too. A distant second though – but second place, anyway.

  11. Oh no no no no…

    For me, its Mr. Brosnan. He excudes sexuality (oh, come on Elviza, you are a mother!) and confidence.

    God, I love the man. I love the voice too…

  12. Of course it’s not! Apalah Mat Bangkai nih…

    And dont get me started with Brosnan Samad. You ll hear no end of it.

    Once, when I was in the UK and Tomorow Never Dies was premiering at that bitterly cold continent, I had his poster in my room. So huge it looks like a real-life P Brosnan.

    I am sick – I know!

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