The Six-Word Story


In a room filled with stale cigarette smoke, at about 3.00 am some nine years ago, I sat in awe at the power and beauty of a Japanese poetic format called the ‘Haiku’. It was the first time I had ever come across the single-stanza, three-line, seventeen-syllable form. I was hooked, and since that day, I became an ardent fan of Haiku-style poetry. There was nothing that could match its compactness, power and expressiveness.

Then, two days ago while blog-hopping, I came across something called the six-word story. POW! It hit me like a Bruce Lee one-inch punch. Recovering from my daze, I came to the realisation that this was another compact form of writing that delivered power, grace and expressiveness. Like the Haiku, writing a six-word story requires a certain amount of discipline, economy, and of course, creativity. But unlike Haikus, six-word stories are prose – they are not verse. Regardless, both forms are beautiful in their simplicity and versatile in their ability to convey emotions.

Here are a few six-word stories I have cobbled from the net

Came home. Saw them. Stabbed both.

Husband happy now. Time to sleep.

You. Me. Together again. Past forgotten.

Here are a few by by friend, Digital Pix (Bangkai’s note: he’s got a wicked sense of humour)

Came home. Saw them. Threesome. Yessss!

I conquered. I came. I deny.

Here is a couple from my friend, Mrs J

Burnt chicken. Smoky oven. Chinese takeway.

Shit. Shower. Shave. Everyday the same.

Get the picture? I am so enamoured by the six-word story concept that I am thinking it would be fun to compile maybe a few hundred or so of these little babies and then post them later in another entry on this blog. Naturally, I am asking my dear friends from blogland (pretty please) to send in some of their six-word stories via comments. Sadly though, there will be no financial incentive for doing this. The incentive (if you can call it that) is for the fun of doing it and also for the fact that it would make an old ‘love skeptic’ a very happy man.

So, rubyahmad, samad torpedo, jason phoon, elviza, cakapaje, calv, idham, blarbarella, minci, lily the liverbird, lin (macvaysia), digital pix, Mrs J, JT (jacqui’s curve), princess eileen, you know what to do.

If you are not listed above, I would still love to hear from you.

(Bangkai: Request stories. Risk rejection. Still hopeful.)


29 thoughts on “The Six-Word Story

  1. Thats wicked Jason! I love this game. Let me give it a try.

    1) Addicted to MB. No work done.

    2) Blinded by diamond. A lifetime cheated.

    3) Said I do, now I’m done.

    4) Blogging is fun. Lawyering is @#$%^&

  2. Dang. I’ve tried this before – came up with zilch. I am completely inept at being ‘compact’. But I will try, and will return once I have an anecdote worth sharing.

  3. Dear Elviza,

    Based on what you have mentioned earlier, I have to tell you:

    Addited to MB? Well, everyone is!
    Addicted to MB? It’s a disease!
    Addicted to MB? There’s no cure!
    Addicted to MB? Better be careful!

    So, please take my “warning” seriously (hahahha) as I dont want to be the person to tell you (later on),

    Sesal dahulu pendapatan, seasal kemudian…hampeh!!! (hehehhehe, trying vry hard to make this sentence a six-word story)

    I’m Wicked. My name, my game! (ayoyo, see, I’m signing off with a six-word story) :p

  4. [digital pix]
    Bangkai? He’s a harmless pussycat. Really!
    I’m here. Keep the stories coming

    Got home yet? Have any fun?
    I’m here. Keep the stories coming

  5. [jason]
    Stupid boyfriend. Leaky condom. Leave home.
    Brain dead. Get well. Write story.
    I’m here. Keep the stories coming.

    [AJ @ Lin]
    You are nobody’s valet, Super mom.
    I’m here. Keep the stories coming.

    No ideas? Try again tomorrow, OK?
    I’m here. Keep the stories coming.

  6. [elviza]
    Addicted to MB. Is that bad?
    Addicted to MB? I’m flattered. Thanks
    Single. Incomplete. Got married. Now finished!
    Blinded by sex. A lifetime cheated.
    Lawyering @#^%! But unemployment @#^% more!
    I’m here. Keep the stories coming.

  7. Methinks the following are a result of my pensive mood:-

    Desert. Dead donkeys. Beauty. Impatience. Egypt.

    [Relating to Elviza’s bane:]
    Lawyered for 9. Appalled for lifetime.

    Studied. Worked. Married. Died. Renaissance. Nirvana.

    … Told you I’m crap crap crap. [hey, that’s 6 words!]

  8. Sit. Smoke. Die.
    Sit. Don’t smoke. Die also…

    Smoke lah! Smoke more. Happy.
    Don’t smoke. Fidgety. Die also.

    Cupid-shot. Marry. die…?
    Cupid miss. Single. Die also.

    Haiya! Like this, always die only, susah lo! 🙂

  9. [JT]

    Girl discards boy. So what’s new?
    Migrated. Made money. Finally, came home.
    Married woman stray. Nobody finds out.
    I’m here. Keep the stories coming.

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