Six-Word Stories Compilation: Part One

Updated on 4th November 2007

Here’s the first installment of the six-word story compilation I promised earlier. A big thank you to all the contributors. I hope you enjoy these little gems I much as I have.

Lily (Lily the Liverbird)

Alamak, tak pandai. But will try.

Googled Haiku. Still have no clue.

Never mind, how about this then?

Boy came. Girl didn’t. Boy castrated.

JT (Jacqui’s Curve)

Boy meets girl. Girl dislike. Discard.

Failing government. Migrate. Make more money.

Married man stray. Later he pays.

Holy man, holy woman, unholy union.

Digital Pix

Husband and wife. Long lasting relationship.

Husband and mistress. Long lust-ing affair.

Came home. Saw them. Threesome. Yes!

I conquered. I came. I deny.

Addited to MB? Well, everyone is!

Addicted to MB? It’s a disease!

Addicted to MB? There’s no cure!

Addicted to MB? Better be careful!

Elviza (Write Away)

Addicted to MB. No work done.

Blinded by diamond. A lifetime cheated.

Said I do, now I’m done.

Blogging is fun. Lawyering is @#$%^&

Not the sex. Am the moron!

Still addicted to MB. How now?

I heed your advice. MB gone

Mrs J (Inconditus)

Burnt chicken. Smoky oven. Chinese takeway

Shit. Shower. Shave. Everyday the same

Jason Phoon (Life and Times of Jason Phoon)

Drunk and wasted. Sober and pregnant.

Condom Broke. That’s your birth story.

Brain dead, I’ll try again tomorrow.

AJ @ Lin (Lin On Me)

Hmm, I feel the pressure now!!

I’m not my son’s personal valet.

Blabarella (Nights Over Egypt)

Desert. Dead donkeys. Beauty. Impatience. Egypt.

Lawyered for 9. Appalled for lifetime.

Studied. Worked. Married. Died. Renaissance. Nirvana.

… Told you I’m crap crap crap. [hey, that’s 6 words!]

Cakapaje’s attempt very cute. Manglish boleh!

Minci (Little Healer)

TV. Phone. Brain. Money. All wired.

Cat pees on bed. What the..?

Cakapaje (Talk Only)

Sit. Smoke. Die.

Sit. Don’t smoke. Die also…

Smoke lah! Smoke more. Happy.

Don’t smoke. Fidgety. Die also.

Cupid-shot. Marry. die…?

Cupid miss. Single. Die also.

two three cats. they go running.

two three cats. they go berpusing.

soon after cats kepala got pening.

this 6words thing. I also pening.


Came home. Saw them. Stabbed both

You. Me. Together again. Everything forgiven.

Nasty remark. Confronted jerk. Police arrive.

Husband happy now. Time to sleep.

Bangkai? He’s a harmless pussycat. Really!

Got home yet? Have any fun?

Stupid boyfriend. Leaky condom. Leave home.

Brain dead. Get well. Write story.

Lawyering @#^%! But unemployment @#^% more!

You are nobody’s valet, Super mom.

Smoke. Or don’t smoke. Die anyway.

No ideas? Try again tomorrow, OK?

Addicted to MB. Is that bad?

Addicted to MB? I’m flattered. Thanks.

Single. Incomplete. Got married. Now finished!

Blinded by sex. A lifetime cheated.

There’s no way that you’re crap! [hey, that 6 words, too]

Go on. Get married. Die faster.

MB gone? Need friend? MB’s there.

Girl discards boy. So what’s new?

Migrated. Made money. Finally, came home.

Married woman stray. Nobody finds out.

Everything’s wired. Or so I thought…

All I can say is, “Huh?”

As I said earlier, this is only Part One. Hope to get more of these from you so that I can do a Part Two.

P/S : I am sure the contributors would like your feed-back on which stories you liked the most. You know what to do…

16 thoughts on “Six-Word Stories Compilation: Part One

  1. Mamak ,
    like to add another 6 words story.
    A newlly wed Red Indian came home after long hunting trip(more than 9 months)

    He commented to his wife,’..many moons me no come baby come! how come?

  2. You spelled it ‘BlaRbarella’. It’s Blabarella.
    You thinking of sci-fi sexbomb, Barbarella?
    I guarantee, Blabarella ain’t NO Barbarella.

    Now some will surely google ‘Barbarella’! ;D

  3. Hey, great idea! Where’d you get it? Haha.

    My contributions:

    Tried helping. Told jokes. He jumped.

    Father left everything to…who’s ‘Candi’?

    “Die!!” she shrieked.
    “No,” I whispered.

    The Reaper paused. “But what if…?”

    The baby emerged; the nurses screamed.

    Husband: castrated. Next: his bratty children.

    She swallows. Everything. That damn dog.

    Mum’s last words: your mother’s Chinese.

    Grandpa. In bed. With my wife.

    Nobody understood me. Wrong country…again.

    It burned, but…who needs nipples?

    I’ll just cut the green—BANG!

    Jack strutted in, grinned, and died.

    Junior’s only lost when he’s home.

    “I will die tomorrow,” I announced yesterday.

    The terrorist held the teddybear tight.

    I smiled at Death; Death blushed.

    Screw the leprosy, she was hot.

    So, my father was my grandfather.

    Lovely picnic, except for that stabbing.

    “Oh no! Out of condoms!”

    “ADD?!” she snorted. “Whatever—hey, nachos!”

    Night fell. Then I fell. Cliffhanger!

    Explosions. Screaming. Best wedding. Ever.

  4. [blabarella]

    Oops! Sorry.

    Actually, you’re right. I was thinking of Barbarella – which male born before 1963 doesn’t? In fact, I have never really stopped thinking of Barbarella (played by Jane Fonda) ever since I nicked that Playboy magazine from my uncle way back in 1972.

    The magazine’s gone. The memories remain. [hey, that’s six words]

  5. [jordan]


    You’re one hilarious dude, my friend!

    Actually, I first came across the concept of the six-word story from YOUR blog. Visiting your blog that day was one of the best thing I have ever done. Thanks.

  6. [blabaralla]

    Smokey is Jodan’s cat, right?


    How poignant! I will include this in the next compilation.

    [samad torpedo]

    You’re wicked, kid. This one will go into the second compilation, too. I see you already have a fan in Cakapaje.


    Guess what? You’re the first commenter to express an opinion. Maybe some sort of a medal is in order, eh? Keep it coming. bro!

    A whole weekend without a fag? You’re a better person than me.

  7. Here’ my personal favourites:

    Boy came. Girl didn’t. Boy castrated. (Lily)

    Father left everything to…who’s ‘Candi’? (Jordan)

    I’ll just cut the green—BANG! (Jordan)

    Still addicted to MB. How now? (Elviza)

    Holy man, holy woman, unholy union. (JT)

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