Six-Word Story Compilation: Part Two

As promised, here’s the second installment of the six-word story compilation

Jordan MacVay – Macvaysia

Tried helping. Told jokes. He jumped.

Father left everything to…who’s ‘Candi’?

“Die!!” she shrieked.
“No,” I whispered.

The Reaper paused. “But what if…?”

The baby emerged; the nurses screamed.

Husband: castrated. Next: his bratty children.

She swallows. Everything. That damn dog.

Mum’s last words: your mother’s Chinese.

Grandpa. In bed. With my wife.

Nobody understood me. Wrong country…again.

It burned, but…who needs nipples?

I’ll just cut the green—BANG!

Jack strutted in, grinned, and died.

Junior’s only lost when he’s home.

“I will die tomorrow,” I announced yesterday.

The terrorist held the teddybear tight.

I smiled at Death; Death blushed.

Screw the leprosy, she was hot.

So, my father was my grandfather.

Lovely picnic, except for that stabbing.

“Oh no! Out of condoms!”

“ADD?!” she snorted. “Whatever—hey, nachos!”

Night fell. Then I fell. Cliffhanger!

Explosions. Screaming. Best wedding. Ever.

AJ @ Lin – Lin on Me

She said yes. He said no.
He said yes. She said no.
They disagree, yelling and crying followed.
She feels guilty, he hugs her.

Samad Torpedo

Kicked his ass. Foot got stuck.

So there you are, folks. Anymore?


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