Renewed 31 Times


Got an email message from an old friend that I’d like to share with everyone. Here it is:

“We’ll be 46 next year. Resolutions? Mine are the same as the ones we made in 1977 – only renewed 31 times.”

Just got to admire this guy!


16 thoughts on “Renewed 31 Times

  1. Dear MB,

    (Imagine me in a state of total shock) You are 46??? Man… (lost for words).

    Anyway, I have a story too about new year’s resolution, allow me…

    A friend: So Mish, what’s your new year’s resolution this year?

    (Yours truly went deep into thought for few seconds)

    Me: Of course to quit smoking, how long have you known me? 11 years? Sheesh.

    My friend just shaked her head and continue smoking herself.

    Sad right????

  2. my 2008 resolution is the same resolution i make daily this year and that is to get me another job and to gleefully throw my resignation letter into the faces of those in mission control here.

  3. [digitalpix]

    The difference between ‘naughty’ and ‘dirty’:

    ‘naughty’ is when you sleep with someone’s sister

    ‘dirty’ is when you sleep with your own sister

    From this perspective, I guess I am only ‘naughty’.

    [pak tuo]

    Yes sir, that is what he does!


    One of my new year resolutions is to recall what my ’77 resolutions were.

    [sir cipan]

    Hear! Hear!

    [mr jp]

    Me, too. Maybe next year…


    Happy New Year to you, too, ma’am

  4. When I was doing my A-Levels, I told myself: One day, I will have a career as a writer, live in a one-room apartment and drive a small car.

    I achieved all my resolutions. You think I aimed too low?

  5. [lily]

    What do you mean ‘too low’? In my books, that’s the highest achievement anyone can aspire to!

    You like to write, right? And you get paid to write, right? What else is there?

    Its a bit like me getting a part in a movie where I have to do a love scene with Angelina Jolie – and get paid for it, too!

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