Women Are Cruel


Reading F Scott Fitzgerald’s ‘Tender is the Night’, I came across the following passage:

“Women are necessarily capable of anything in their struggle for survival and can scarcely be convicted of such man-made crimes as ‘cruelty’.”

I knew there is a good reason why this Fitzgerald guy is my hero.

BTW, I came across a group in Facebook called “Girls are dumb… throw knives at them.” Think they are on to something?


23 thoughts on “Women Are Cruel

  1. [elviza]

    Er… I deny responsibility for the statement. It was that.. er… mad man, Fitzgerald, who wrote it. And BTW, he’s no longer my hero. Really! 😉

  2. MB,
    eleh, that never stop u from pursuing women :p. org lain dapat satu pun dah kira ok, u have more than one! macho sey!

  3. what the ?? I just posted a few comics under the title

    “women are cruel, men are idiots”

    Yes, it’s a universal theme , and men fall prey to it 😦

  4. Mat, Digital Pix says, I quote

    eleh, that never stop u from pursuing women :p. org lain dapat satu pun dah kira ok, u have more than one! macho sey!”

    Please clear my head which is filled with suspicion as we speak! Hah!

  5. [azlin]

    *whispering* Actually, I subscribe to Fitzgerald, too. But don’t tell Elviza, OK? 🙂


    Like Jason Phoon says: “Women are cruel, men are idiots.” What else can I say?

    [mr jp]

    Sir, you are fast becoming one of my heroes!


    Er… let’s just say I’m a sucker for punishment. I need at least double doses of everything.


    Melon are good for a start? Ma’am, melons are ALWAYS good – until they turn to papayas *naughty grin*


    As you may already know, I am no stranger to pain. Refer to Mr JPs comment about men being idiots.

    [daeng sulu]

    Yes… me, too!

    [pak tuo]

    Yep! That’s me!

  6. Hi MB,

    I agree with you..he he

    Women memenag have many faults. Duh!

    BUT men have only TWO:


    ha ha

    (Quote by grafitto..not my original idea)

  7. Hear, hear … Ruby Ahmad. 😀
    (oops, I see knives coming my way… duck!)

    I think they should think twice about throwing knives our way. We could use it back on the men … and in more ways than one. 🙂
    (Bobbit job, anyone?)

  8. [lich]

    You do agree with Fitzgerald? Admit that in public at your own peril. I hear there are some women wanting to do Bobbit-jobs on us if we say they are cruel 🙂 Go figure!


    Yes, ma’am. I guess papayas are good for digestion. Not much else you can do with them, tho… *naughty grin*


    “Guess I’m not different after all… ” – sounds like a Rod Stewart song, doesn’t it?


    I guess those are the two faults anyone ever needs, ma’am.

    [mat salo]


    You mean like, “Harder! Harder! Hurt me, baby! Hurt me!” Yum! Yum!


    Bobbit-job on me? Too late, ma’am. Its all gone… Happened when I first got married. I am told marriage does this to men… 🙂

  9. bobbit job? here’s a lesson from a puerto rican friend. always sleep on your belly so they won’t be able to slice it off easily. that way you’d be awake if they need to turn u on your back.

    you see, that is why you see some men sleeping with one of their hand in the shorts. just to be safe. you know what i mean. 😉

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