Bercakap Tentang Bini


Ada 2 kenyataan tentang bini yang perlu diteliti sebelum ia dipercayai bulat-bulat:

Pertama: “Saya belum kahwin lagi!”

(Ertinya: Kahwin sudah. Kahwin lagi, belum!)

Kedua: “Saya bini baru satu”

(Ertinya: ‘Bini Baru’ ada seorang. ‘Bini Lama’ ada banyak!)


There! I’ve finally blogged in Malay!

19 thoughts on “Bercakap Tentang Bini

  1. [bailey]

    hahaha! Naughty!


    Yes, sir! Sometimes ‘kahwin’ and ‘nikah’ overlap. But not always…


    I, too, hope my other half (or is it halves?) never find this blog, ma’am.

  2. [azlin]

    No, ma’am. Tunku Halim didn’t teach this at his workshop; I came up with it all by my lonesome! Well, not really on my own – I had some help from a few other sorry sods 🙂

  3. [cakapaje]

    Yep. That’s me alright.

    [pak tuo]

    Right on, brother!


    That’s ok, ma’am. Happens to the best of us. Women do the same to men, too. As long as we move forward, things should be fine.



  4. Apa khabar, MB?

    BM aku teruk. So, it is best for me to just comment in English. (gosh.. that feels so much better). 😀 It is way too late at night for me to go scrambling for a Malay dictionary.

    The other crap (pardon my language) that we hear from some ‘restless’ men is “my wife does not understand me anymore.” One of the oldest line which ,ironically, is effective with some women.

    Thanks for the warning. 🙂

  5. [JT]

    “My wife doesn’t understand me anymore”, for men, is actually a half-truth. Wives never understood them from day one! The sad thing is, sometimes, with some ladies, this is a matter of choice 🙂


    That’s funny – my name is Bujang, too. What a coincidence! 🙂

  6. Warning to men: get a mirror and take a long look at the reflection. Warning to ladies: pause long enough to reflect before harm is done.

    Just dropping by..

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