The Ectopy Tag

It took me quite some time to discover I was tagged by Ectopy. So here are my answers, in no order of preference:

Fountain Pen Network – What can I say? I’m nuts about fountain pens.

The Art of Manliness – It’s about time men fought back (or at least, tried to)

MPH Online – If you like to write, you’ve go to love books, too, right?

Facebook – For some time-out

Stylus Magazine (archives) – when I want to drool over pics of very sexy pens.

And since the rules say I’ve got to tag 5 people, I’d like to tag Talk Only (cakapaje), Jacqui, Ruby, Elviza and Wak Cipan (if they haven’t already done this tag and if they would be so inclined).


10 thoughts on “The Ectopy Tag

  1. Hi Mat,

    let me help Shah.

    Bro, I think the Q was name 5 blogs that ignite you or something along that line lah…

    p/s: my dear Mat, when you tag people, you must actually tell them what the tags all about. He he he he….

  2. Thanks for thinking of me. I will probably do it after I get over my hectic schedule, which will probably be next month.

    For now, another dosage of coffee … and a fix of local delicacies.

  3. [pak tuo]

    yeah! Glamour badak!


    The question? Yeah, I forgot the question! Ok, it goes something like this: What are the 5 sites you visit most often (or something like that).


    Yes, ma’am. When you tag people, you usually have to tell the what the question is. I must be an idiot!


    OK. Have fun, ma’am.

  4. Bro,

    If that’s the tag, I have done it already lah…was tagged by Pak Zabs sometime last month! Well, more like fell into a trap – first 5 to visit him after he wrote it! Guess they guy was in the wrong service before – he should have been in the Army Rangers instead of the Navy lol!

  5. MB…

    Looks like we have a few things in common bro. No, being a lurker on the FPN certainly isn’t one them, so don’t get your hopes up. B&H too was the brand that kick-started me on the nicotine bandwagon. But that’s not the only thing we have in common bro.

    Now you’re probably scratching your head. We’ll, it’s the undies, friend. I sworn them off ever since I entered boarding school bro. Dunno why, maybe I just like to give new meaning to the phrase ‘goyang telor’. Probably the truth was I was just plain lazy, so one less item to dump in the pail. And I’ve been ‘free’ ever since.

    And I believe you got a point there bro (re: kj). Only a fine line separates love and hate and countless real life stories have supported this theory. Happens to a lot of women I know. Guy hassles her, she hates his guts. If the guy is persistent enough, eventually her ‘no’ might slowly turn into ‘yes’. And then they marry. Happens all the time. But don’t tell this to JJ. She said no but he was (allegedly) drunk. And the hands grope…

    I too have been a ‘butler’ for close to fifteen years bro. Not only that, a chauffeur as well. Good thing when I’m home, when sending them off to school and we’re running a bit late, they don’t go, ‘step on it, James’.

    Actually they said, “Step on it, Mat.”. πŸ™‚

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