The Nature Tragedy

Often, though we would hardly acknowledge or accept it it, how we react to a tragedy is even more tragic than the the tragedy itself.


7 thoughts on “The Nature Tragedy

  1. [azlin]

    No, I’m fine, ma’am.

    [pak tuo]

    Thanks, bro. But I’m OK. How are you getting on with your fine nibbed Charcoal Black Safari.

  2. Maybe some are “drama queens”, some allow a situation to take over their lives (though at times it is unavoidable) and some just love to blow things out of proportion for the sake of sensationalising the matter.

  3. [JT]

    I know what you mean. And sometimes, they do this because their coping mechanism is somewhat faulty. When this is the case, the consequences can be quite severe, especially to others (read: the poor husband).

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