Mrs Bedah and I

Yesterday, I was called to do a stint as a trainer. The audience was a group of 25 or so managers from one of the Big-5 local universities. The topic was “Management in the IT era”. Looking through the module, I discovered that “effective communication” was an area that I had to cover. And judging from the initial responses I got from the group, I knew I was in for one bumpy ride. Here’s a memorable episode:

One of the participants was a certain Puan Bedah. She was a no-nonsense, headmistress type person who wore her hair in a non-nonsense bun. She looked the picture of efficiency in her grey flannel suit with a pair of gold-rimmed reading glasses perched on the bridge of her nose. I had no doubt at all in my mind about her competence as a manager. I sensed she had a sense of humour, too.However, her command of English may have been a little wanting.

“I would like you to see me as a coach rather than a lecturer” I started. “I prefer not to lecture. If I lectured, this would happen: I talk, you sleep

“Or, if too boring, we sleep together!” Puan Bedah chimed-in, bursting with innocent enthusiasm.


“I appreciate the offer, ma’am! But, if I weren’t already married… “, it took a while for my evil grin to disappear.

I knew what she really meant to say. But I just couldn’t help myself.


16 thoughts on “Mrs Bedah and I

  1. Mamak,

    That Puan Bedah reminds me of my primary school teacher Mrs.Syed..Which off course reminds me of P.Ramlee and Sadiah ‘Antara Dua Darjat’.Snoobish nak yak!

    Well it remind me of your story of Mrs. at MRSM except she was in her own ‘class’ I am sure.

  2. One of my teachers used to say, ” I am boring (sic)”

    To which I would utter under my breath, “Yes you are”.

  3. hallo mr Bangkai my fren,
    i is the very boring…come la..let’s to going kena teh tarik and talking sumore about mak bedah… i need a good laugh since a good F*** is very the big NO-NO!! ahaks.. No pen talk plz!!!! but you’re paying…i is no have money… huhuhuhu

  4. [ariff]

    Yeah, I know. A lot of people have a tough time picturing me as a lecturer/coach/teacher. This also includes me [surprised look]

  5. What to say ha??? I is don’t speak English…you people wanna go teh tarik never invite me ah??? This is cannot….

  6. [violet teddy]

    Yeah! Wow!

    Anti-climax, though; no follow-up


    I also is no sepatah haram. Teh tarik? Is can one!


    Since there was no follow-up, hard to say how good a treat it might have been (arf! arf!). The invitation to treat was not foll0wed-up by an offer (Carlill vs Carbolic Smokeball, Re McArdle, etc)

  7. haha,..carlill v carbolic ..first year business law! kantoi tang ITT..nostalgic


    Yeah, first year law stuff – nostalgic, kan?

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