Today in History…

I looked at the calendar today and realised it was 11th September. Then, it hit me: a lot of things happened to me on this date throughout the years. Here’s some of them

  • Left for England to study law
  • Got divorced – the first time around
  • Supposed to go to the Malaysian Armed Forces’ Officer Training Center in Port Dickson
  • Got my first … – er, never mind.

Of course, this was also the date that they rammed the WTC with a couple of airliners. However, I had nothing to do with that.

12 thoughts on “Today in History…

  1. got your first what sir?

    Madam Kueh Lapis

    Can I just say that it was what every red-blooded, 14-year old boy dreams of? Yes, it was a radio-controlled airplane…

  2. first..

    spanking in a M&S session?
    look at a nude thai katoey?
    feel of a silk lingerie?

    the possibilities are endless…

    Puteri Kamaliah

    No, ma’am. It wasn’t anything as exciting as having hand-cuffs and whipped cream in the same room. But it was something close… A gentleman can’t possibly kiss and tell, can he?

  3. i was on a plane on that date as well.

    what did you get huh? so memorable that you remember the date? i hope it was an awesome one, haha!


    I wish I could say it was awesome. But since it was my first, the experience was – how can I say this? – rather forgettable

  4. Your first *** dream!! 14 years old what!! Sorrylah if I’m completely off track.


    I would have to say it was more substantial than a w*t dream, ma’am 🙂

  5. Perhaps we need George Soros can speculate on the last one on your list and also as to why you did not report at the Armed Forces Officers Training Centre…By the way, I am an Old Putera (Ex-RMC).

    Pak Din

    I am too bashful too reveal the last one. However, I skipped Cadet Officer school because on that very same day, my first divorce got finalised. Guess I thought it wasn’t a good day to start something physically and mentally challenging.

    Anyway, the recruitment officer said i was earmarked for the Navy – a unit called PASKAL or something.

  6. Mate, PASKAL is the navy commando. They surely have high regards for your mental and physical ability.

    Pak Din

    Navy commandos? Like the US Navy SEALs? Wow!

    Actually, I rather hoped that I’d get o fly fighters for TUDM. But that was simply not in the cards. They (at Tenaga Kerja C) channeled me to PASKAL instead.

    Darn! I should have gone, eh? Fighter pilots, navy commandos – same difference, right?

  7. Yes, you’re right there. It is the Malaysian version of the SEALS. If I am not wrong the acronym stands for Pasukan Komando Angkatan Laut. These are the very people now somewhere at the Arabian sea awaiting instructions and looking on the MISC vessels being hijacked.
    I too took your route, having completed my MCE and HSC at the RMC, decided to remain a civilian. I guess being Muslims we leave ‘fate’ and ‘sustenance’ to the Almighty.
    To relive the military experience, I had in the late 70’s frequented a second hand bookshop in Barking, Essex, looking for and reading stuff on the SAS whose motto is “Who Dares Wins”. Nostalgic eh .

    Pak Din

    I have always been fascinated by the SAS – ever since they first started operating in Africa in WWII. These people really capture my imagination. I even fancied myself as a member of the regiment once. How’s that for wishful thinking?

    So, you are a civilian now. Would you mind if I asked what it is you do these days?

  8. PASKAL is Pasukan Khas Angkatan Laut. By the way, those at TKC (Tenaga Kerja C, not Tunku Khursiah College) also screw things up for me. I was supposed to enlist in the Naval Cadet university programme, way back in the 80’s, but thanks to them I’m a civilian today even though I did a short stint in the Naval Reserves. You know what Pak Din does these days…read your blog and put in his comments 🙂

    The Last Gig

    Sorry to hear about TKC screwing it up for you. But there you are – sometime shit happens! 🙂 The are times I think it might be a big conspiracy even though I’m not a big fan of conspiracy theories.

    OK, mate, now that you are a civilian, may I ask what you do?

  9. Iam a bean counter by profession.People say we are like mushrooms, keep us in the dark and feed us with shit.These days I am semi retired , hence a lot of time to read blogs and reflect on life.
    By the way, I think Iam going to guess that The Last Gig is also an ex-Putera like me..

    Pak Din

    Hear! Hear!

    But I think several other professions share your fate of being kept in the dark and fed on a staple of shit. The difference is maybe only in the scale…

    I like that phrase – “semi-retired”. I like that a lot

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