The Elviza Writing Writuals Tag

Earlier today Elviza tagged some heavy-duty writers and bloggers. Somehow, despite being just a hopeful writer wannabe, I made my way into that list (yay!). And being a sucker for any worthwhile tag, I excitedly complied. So here it is:

Q1 Where are you?

I am on my balcony, at my writing table. To my right is the breathtaking vista of a construction site in progress. And five storeys below, I hear the muted sound of several fights breaking out between the Indon and the Bangla construction workers

Q2 What are you writing with?

My beloved Lamy 2000 fountain pen, the one with the medium oblique nib, loaded with Diamine Blue-Black ink. This writing combo is perhaps the next best thing there is to a full-blown orgasm.

Q3 What is the oddest object in front of you?

A postcard with a picture of ‘The Shrek’ Sometimes people mistake that postcard for a photograph of me.

Q4 What are you listening to?

Sirens as the police arrive to break-up the fights between the Indons and the Banglas

Q5 Is there anyone else in the room?

Nobody else here; just me and my muse…

Q6 What time of the day is it?

It’s about 2:00 am, and as usual, I have run out of Winstons. Almost all the good (?) stuff gets written between midnight and 3:00 am

Q7 What do you look at when you are looking for inspiration?

I go to my muse’s WordPress site, linger on her ‘About’ page for a while (sometimes a very long while) and by some magic, I get inspired to my very core.

Q8 What is guaranteed to remove your concentration?

When my muse is in her ‘faraway’ mode.


5 thoughts on “The Elviza Writing Writuals Tag

  1. Ithought you would be banging the souless keyboard only to remember that you’d prefer LAMY with its soul and character.

    Pak Din

    The keyboard is only a tool to transfer data to the server. The real writing, sir, is done the old fashioned way – with a good fountain pen. That really pops my cork!

  2. I dont know where I put my Lamy, must be somewhere in one of my many unpacked boxes. I used to write a lot, in fact I started writing letters to “Big Blue Marble” penfriends all over the world when I was 9. I had one Caran d’Ache which I won in a Asiaweek competition, but that is missing too. Since Bill Gates came along with his Office tools, I hardly write anymore and my writing has deteriorated – getting worse than a doctor’s. 😦

    The Last Gig

    I remember Big Blue Marble! But I never wrote anyone, tho: I thought my English was not up to par. I was afraid I’d be laughed at.

    What? You misplaced your Lamy and your Caran d’Ache? Ouch! And yes, that Bill Gates fellow is pure evil 🙂

  3. Ah, I now have an idea what this should be about after seeing what Elviza, Puteri Kamaliah and you have written.

    The main thing is to write “as is” – once I get over the idea of her elevating me to “writer” status. I had thought this referred to people like Fyodor Dostoevsky, Arthur Conan Doyle and Shahnon Ahmad. Nowadays, merely having a blog should suffice, apparently.

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