My Buddy Holly Glasses


As I get older and more decrepit, I seem to be losing two things at an equally alarming rate: my eyesight and my sex appeal. Since my chances of coming into a million ringgit are slim – hence dashing any hopes of instantly reviving my sex appeal – there is nothing I can do in this department. My eyesight, however, is a different matter: There is something I can do about this.

So, off I went to the optician to have my eyes tested. Not surprisingly, it had gone from bad to worse: I needed a new prescription for my glasses. So, while I was at it, I thought I’d get new spectacle frames as well. Perhaps I’ve been living under a rock for quite some time because when I looked at the prices of spectacle frame these days, I almost had a seizure! So, I asked to be shown their lower range frames.

There was one affordable Oakley look-alike, but the wife thought it made me look like an ‘orang tua gatal’. So, that model was off the negotiating table – I may be an ‘orang tua’, but I’ll be damned if I’m going to look ‘gatal’ to boot. Finally, I settled for a frame that looked like what Buddy Holly used to wear. Not bad, really; except the wife said it made me look like her father. Hmmm, is this good or is this bad? Not sure, really. But considering the very affordable price, I decided I’d take my chances.

Now that I’ve had the glasses for a day or two, I’ve found that they aren’t half bad. If you squint your eyes a little and focused on just the glasses in flattering light, I’d look exactly like Buddy Holly! But if you were to look at the big picture (i.e. my entire face, not just the glasses) I’d look like Drew Carey’s ugly twin.

But that’s OK, I guess. I’m quite tired of being stopped at Tesco’s by hordes of people mistaking me for James Bond and wanting to have look at my gun (the Walther PPK, silly: Not the other one that probably now shoots only blanks).

Er… if I sound delusional, that’s probably because I am.


14 thoughts on “My Buddy Holly Glasses

  1. My sex appeal left a long time ago, well before the eyesight. It happens sooner or later, though not in the order that we want it to.
    But for men, you are luckier, you wear glasses and you look professorial and the sex appeal sort of comes back a notch or two, but a woman wears glasses, she is a reminder of someone’s grandmother.

    Kak Teh

    Ma’am! No matter how many glasses I wear at the same time, I’m never going to look professorial – or have my sex appeal increase a few notches.

    Fortunately (or unfortunately as the case may be for me) with men, their sex appeal is intricately tied-up to their bank accounts: Not their glasses, the aesthetic value of their buns or even superior facial bone structure.

    In other words, you could be short, fat and ugly but as long as you have a million bucks, you’re always going to look like a million bucks 🙂

  2. Luckily your missus was around to help you choose the frame.I am quite sure the ‘orang tua gatal frame’ might have been bought had she not tag along.I remembered once I followed my ‘boss’ to the specs shop.Told him jangan beli yang tu..macam Romeo!Yang tu lah dia nak beli!haha..I biarkan.Takut dia melalak macam small boy!Kasi chanlah!wohooi!


    Saved by the bell I guess! But initially I thought that the Buddy Holly glasses would take away my sex appeal. But then I thought: “Wait a minute, I can’t possibly lose something I never had!”

  3. Welcome to the club Mat B – as with Kak Teh, mine (sex appeal and eyesight) deserted me decades ago, and it sure look like my memory is following suit. When all things go South, dear, it’s time to think of the Hereafter…LOL

    Puteri Kamaliah

    Guess you’re right, ma’am. The time has come to just reminisce the former glories (sigh!). Funny isn’t it, how the older I get, the better I used to be when I was younger? 😉

  4. And I ll be damned if I let the worse half of me pick my glasses. He’ll pick the ugliest one considering his zero-care in fashion.

    *Huge Grin*


    He has zero-care for fashion? A man after my own heart! My kinda guy.

  5. you still have sex appeal: in the words you use to write.


    Why, what a nice thing to say! Though the accuracy may be suspect, I shall remain silent and smug – at this age, I’ll take it where I can get it.

  6. Just couldnt resist about all these ada takde sex appeal stuff.Just look at all of us who came to your blog to comment your MBHG posting!Semua gorgeous ladies!If scout finch buatnya pompuan,there you go!So don’t be modest k?Just mengaku je lah! Toksah malu2 kucing oi!


    Meow… meow…

    Er… thanks!

  7. =))

    mat, i totally lost it at “the wife thought it made me look like an ‘orang tua gatal’”.

    then i went and had the bright idea of googling ‘buddy holly’ to inject some visuals to help bring home your point.

    big mistake! i almost choked with hysteria.


    i thought “damn, i better play safe and not google for drew carry’s ugly twin”


    Hilarious kan?

    Tapi, satu waktu dolu-dolu (long,long ago, in a galaxy far, far away… ) Buddy Holly tu kira hansemlah – tapi tu zaman orang pompuan masih pakai seluar ‘a-go-go’ dan orang masih gunakan perkataan seperti ‘kodok’ dan ‘bergetah’ (before your time, eh?)

  8. My my!I told you so!Almost all the sexy,gorgeous ladies of the blogosphere had swooped in to lend their comments to you.Are you still delusional?scout finch pompuan..mekyam dah datang!Laaah..jangan risau2 lagi k?



  9. mat bangkai,
    i’m not sure abt ur sex appeal thingy but one thing constant abt u is that u are sentiasa “gatal”! oouch! heheheheh!


    Gatal? Mana ada…

    Then again, they do call my father ‘Rahman Playboy’… *LOL*

  10. Hai Mat,Dato sak suruh pesan kat you that at 10.30 tonight,he will post an article on your nerdy Buddy Holly tunggu ye?Jangan cepat sangat pergi ke slumberland!Thanks!


    OK, Datin. I’ll be looking forward to his posting.

  11. Mat B

    If we let our missus pilih the specs for us, I guarantee you they will choose the most unflattering ones for us. Daughters are OK. They want us to look “cool” and “happening” probably because they don’t want to be seen with a father that looks like a grandfather. As for sex appeal, I am reliably informed that sex appeal increases if men our age tampal a few RM100 notes on our forehead. I haven’t tried the gambit yet…no need to yet 😀

    de minimis

    I couldn’t agree more with you on the RM100 notes theory. For short, fat, ugly guys, money has always been and will always be the ultimate equaliser. Thing is, what do short, fat, ugly women have going for them? A little unfair, innit?

    Since I don’t have a daughter to conspire with I guess I’ll be forever stuck with the most unflattering spectacles… (sigh)

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