A Day At The Chemist


I arrived at Heathrow Airport on the 12th of September 1981, resolute on undertaking the mission that had been mandated to me by MARA. I was to read the law, came back to Malaysia, and do my part in improving the economic lot of the Malays. Not too long after that, though, life intervened.

I shall not go into the lurid details, but within three days of arriving, I found myself in a position where I had to go out and get myself a packet of condoms. Since I was still an innocent babe-in the-woods at the time, I hadn’t the faintest idea of how to go about doing this (Hey, I was still barely 18 then, OK?).

However, I was reliably informed by a very exasperated female companion that all I had to do was walk into any chemist (what the Brits call a pharmacy) and declare, “May I have a packet of three condoms, please?”. Upon saying this, the chemist would, she assured me, magically produce the item in question. I would then have to conclude the purchase, rush home, and vigorously put the product to their intended use.

But when I arrived at the local chemist, my palms began to sweat and I began having an anxiety attack. All of my 18 years had been pretty much celibate and I was somewhat bashful about having to come up to a complete stranger and tell them I wanted (needed?) some condoms.

As luck would have it, the chemist was having a pretty busy day. I had to pretend to be browsing the aisles for a very long time before the coast was finally clear. It was now or never. Besides, I realised that I had been in the sanitary towel section for the past twenty five minutes and was beginning to look mighty suspicious.

I drew a deep breath and took several feeble steps towards the counter. The person at the counter, a kindly old lady asked me cheerfully, “And how can I help you today, luv?” My heart sank when I saw that she looked exactly like my mother (or was this my imagination?). I think I mumbled something in reply, all the time looking at my shoes so that I wouldn’t have to look at her.

“You’d have to speak up, sweetheart.” she urged.

Still looking at my shoes, I tried again. “May I have a packet of …” The word condom could not come out of my mouth.

“Sorry, luv. I couldn’t make out what you said. What was it that you wanted?”

I swallowed hard, summoned all my courage and still looking at my shoes, blurted out my question – in a barely audible whisper: “May I have a packet of three condoms, please?”

“Oh! Is this what this is all about? Of course you may have a packet three condoms, young man. And what size would you like, luv?” she asked, flashing her very professional smile.

Huh? I don’t seem to remember my female companion saying anything about sizes. She did say that these things came in packs of threes – but that was all. Nothing was said about sizes. I broke into a cold sweat. What was I to do?

I tried to appear as nonchalant as possible, smiled at the chemist, and feebly offered, “Small?”

At this, she broke into a fit of laughter that she needed a full minute to recover from. After recovering her composure, she explained, “Sorry, luv. I couldn’t resist; these things don’t come in sizes!”

That was how I earned the nickname Tiny at that particular chemist.


69 thoughts on “A Day At The Chemist

  1. HahahahahAAAAH!!

    Luckily she didn’t ask what flavour, or else you might have just blurted out “spicy”!!


    But, ma’am, people would start looking at me funny if I said I knew what it tastes like!

  2. *wiping tears of mirth* OMG! this is so good.

    Anyway, anyway.. perhaps way back in 1981, it didn’t come in sizes. But they do now and needless to say, XL would be the most purchased size altho’ I suspect that the difference between an XL and a .. uhmm.. Tiny.. *laughs* would be negligible. It’s all about packaging and marketing and “perceived value”

    Andrea Whatever

    No amount of marketing can change reality, tho.

    But that’s Ok. Size is no measure of strength. Arnold Schwarzenneger would violently disagree, of course….

  3. Bro’… take it from me, they DO come in sizes. Love the humor, ‘bro…

    Think you could expound a bit on the mysterious female companion? 🙂

    Mat Salo

    Bro! Not in my size, they don’t 😦

    Tut! Tut! A gentleman must never kiss and tell…

  4. U lucky devil..
    I was advised by some seniors to be more prepared..so I got a dozen in KL ..its as essential as long johns it seems.
    I still have that dozen and with a couple of untouched long johns when I touched down at Subang with my degree.


    Ah! But I think you are the one who have been lucky, sir!

  5. Bro..don’t worry too much about being tiny..the minimum passing inches is quite small actually to get to that G spot.

    Sharpen up your game strategy..the right approach and positioning can add volumes .
    But,if ur a bit disturbed by being asked…”Is it in dear?”..you can always do a search online…cos there’s many practitioners who can stretch even the smallest doughnut.Or,you can just hop over to jakarta and see Mak Erot.

    Although I say the Mini is a great car too,I am blessed with a Cygnus that can go places where Minis can only dream about.

    All is not lost Bro,



    Nothing short (pun intended) of a full-blown transplant will change my lot.

    But God is fair: Even at my age, my fingers are still strong enough to allow me to do 2-finger push-ups. Like your Cygnus, this too, has taken me to places that others can only dream about… 😉

  6. MB, this is a story of two friends who nearly became ex friends. i wont mention names as everyone will instantly recognise the names, suffice to say they are in the media and were here when I first arrived. Siffice to say I worked with them too. Anyway, when one of them arrived, the one who had been here a little longer decided to pull a fast one. He told the bespectacled friend, he had just the thing to wipe his glasses. He asked the poor guy to go to the chemist – then Underwoods, you may recall, and ask for those in the packets. he did, without sweaty palms and all as he didnt know what they were, went home and proceeded to wipe his glasses with one of them. Then he realised there was something funny abt it. The story is still being repeated amongst so called friends. Poor guy.

    And did you hear the story about my husband announcing to the world that we used Durex to serve our meals? What he meant was Duralex.

    Kak Teh

    Eh? There are people out there as clueless as I? Comforting…

  7. Hiya Tiny! You got choking on my kacang! Hahahaha…

    Puteri Kamaliah

    Yes, ma’am. This was absolutely humiliating at the time. But now it doesn’t matter anymore: I’ve since discovered that good things come in small packages 🙂

  8. well tiny, biasalah orng melayu…perbesarkan perkara2 kecil and perkecilkan benda2 yang besar…kan?! Modest gitewwww!


    er… uhm… er… *blush*

  9. You lucky devil, Mat. I couldn’t get anything at 18. Not even at MCKK.

    Remember m’lady, it’s not the size that counts, said the priest to the countess.

    Dry Humour

    Sympathy is a powerful emotion, my friend. The trick is to get it to work to your advantage… 😉

  10. MB,

    I think even thought it is ‘tiny’ but I’m sure it is as good as your writing. 🙂

    During my time in U, we used to throw condoms filled with water to the boys. It was fun looking at the shape of the it. 🙂


    Hmm! Let’s see… there are as many people who like my writing as there are those who absolutely hate it… I guess the same applies to my (oops!).

    I’m off to fill a condom with water to see what that looks like 🙂

  11. Dear Sir…

    I feel for you Sir..even tho I guess thats not much to feel.But,its great to be able to talk freely and openly ..let it all hang out;whatever u can muster under the circumstances.A little ,in the right light can cast a long shadow too.
    Its nothing to be ashamed of and you do not need to pad it up like those ladies with the falsies.Be proud .
    Anyway,follow this link…ur not alone;maybe in the land of the dimply,the pimply is king.
    I like the reference to the yellow pages..mmm..let ur fingers do the walking.Myb u shld hv a Heineken cos it goes where no other beer can reach.



    Aha! Just as I thought: It is the male commentators who seem to be the ones pre-occupied with size. Isn’t it amusing that women commentators do not seem to share this obsession with girth?

    As for me, I’m quite happy with my equipment. Case in point: No woman in her right mind would brush her teeth with a big, hulking toilet brush; its the appropriately-sized, clean, and precise toothbrush that makes it past her lips 🙂

    Good night, my friend.

  12. Just to get back on track..u know ur so po inclinations..

    I am just wondering which of our Umno leaders is the king of the hill?
    Disgusting thot..isn’t it?


    Hmmm… Your question presupposes that UMNO has leaders.

    I’ll have to think about thias one….

  13. Hi Matt,

    I like the colourful “Glow-In-The Dark” ones. Make me feel like a Jedi Knight….hehe..Remember Skywalker taking off auto pilot & zooming in the target with ‘the Force’, what an explosion!

    BTW, I knew of a guy who put a condom on inside out, and WENT, he felt ashamed to cum in lust. .


    Tommy the Rubber Man, not Tiny!

    P.S – ‘Don’t leave home without it!’………………oopsy wrong advertisement jingle, sorry.

    Tommy Yew

    Ah! That bombing-run scene with Luke piloting his X-wing fighter from the first instalment of the trilogy. Wow! That was intense – and explosive.

    Yes, I’ve heard that they now produce glow-in-the-dark condoms. This must be quite entertaining. But I’m not quite sure for which partner 🙂

  14. Mat B
    I can’t help but return to this posting, especially when dear Tommy here starts talking about Glow- In-The-Dark” ones. In days of yore when me, myself and I (and the kids) were one, we used to purchase these GITD thingies for our private puppet show at home … with ‘puppets’ (slipped onto broomsticks) that glowed gloriously in the dark 🙂

    That was FUN!

    Puteri Kamaliah

    Really? *ROTFL*

    I must try that, too.

  15. Excuse me Matt, I think there’s a thing going on between Mrs Jones (Puteri) & I….wink..wink..shucks ‘dear Tommy’ make me feel so lembik oreadi.

    Hi Puteri, u sure only on broomsticks? I actually meant my ‘light saber’ mah together with the zing-zwong sound effect. Hey they say the size of the brain is inversely proportional to the size of your phallus. That explained why MB is so smart & I’m such a dumb arse! They used to call me Mr Wa Xing Dong in college.

    Tommy, me & Mrs Jones.

  16. Mat B

    I actually saw the snippet of this post of yours over the weekend. But I resisted the temptation to click on your page since I was busy running errands. I wanted to savour your post. Now, it is Monday and I’m in my office. Suffice to say that the Monday Blues disappeared in a puff after I finished reading this post of yours.

    Your posts and my morning coffee go together very harmoniously. Who cares about the morning news when I’ve got What! No Tea and Scones?

    de minimis

    It warms my heart that my writing has some impact – no matter how small (pun intended) – on some people out there (no matter how few).


  17. why this preoccupation with ur insignificance?ur readers have missed the point completely ( can u blame them cos the target is so puny?)…anyway

    Ur trying to draw our collective thots towards a guy who had a magnificent career flipover from selling condoms to nuclear parts and on to even greater things.Indeed,the condom was designed as a means of stopping any spin offs with its use but in this particular guy’s case the expertise gained with condoms turned into a super massive (sorry if I hurt u there) projectile,career wise.Its the Johnny Holmes of career development in action…

    Ur really the finest in sopo blogdoom.

    Ur just so fantastic with ur imagery..the only living proponent of subliminal messages.Tell us frankly…if we read ur blogs upside down,left to right,with a periscope and in argon lighting..will there be further messages?

    I await with baited breath


    Er… preoccupation with my significance? What significance? Ain’t got none – just a regular Joe with an irregular dick and who is not too worked up about it. Size, after all, is relative.

    Me? Sopo blogdom? When did this happen?

    Subliminal messages? What subliminal messages? I’m just not smart enough.

    Sorry to disappoint, but my cerebral capacity, as it happens, is quite limited.

  18. Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Now we know you have a huge dong since all men lie, do they not?

    p/s: Would you mind emailing me pls since I can’t find your addy. Cheers.


    On the contrary, ma’am, huge dong and Bangkai do not even exist in the same postcode. Or put in another way, nobody should worry about me trying to make a living as a porn star 🙂

  19. Mat

    I have a sneaky suspicion you have a keen admirer there.

    You lucky devil, again. No one has ever waited for me like that.

    Who’s talking about size?

    Dry Humour

    Admirer? Where?

    And yes bro, who’s talking about size?

  20. Salam Mat,
    Hilarious! & I sure can relate to some parts of the story… those were the days!… interesting “product”, condom that is… it sort of evolves into multi-usage over time… just like cereals… used to be only for breakfast but now becomes “snack” for all time… I just wish they could design one that would provide the “neurologically-alive sensation” versus the “real” thing? That would be the ultimate, hahaha!! Take care bro.!

    Dhahran Sea

    Good to hear from you again, bro!

    That’s a nice concept: multi-usage. And just like cereals and condoms, the principle applies to our (fill-in the blank), too! Not being a delicatessen that specialises in foot-long sausages, I’ve had to be creative, you know… and it has paid dividends and resulted in many happy customers:-)

  21. Move over Amir Hafizi. Now this is the real Malay Male. Sensitive, measured and still humorous.

    Now we know that our hunky Mr Adonis here has his own silly beginning.

    Kah kah kah … ha ha ha …he he he …hohoho …

    Believe me I am laughing at myself too …opps!
    Lucky you didn’t have someone blew a bubble out of it.

    Since you mentioned, duit MARA dah habis bayar belum?

    A Voice

    Bro, it wasn’t funny at the time, though. But over the years, it gets funnier and funnier – especially now that I categorically know that size is the least of a man’s worries. However, size does bring with it bragging rights. Sadly though, that’s about all its good for.

    Duit MARA? Belum habis bayar lagi, bro! But I’m getting there. Slowly perhaps, but some day, I’ll be able to walk past MARA HQ without any fear – or guilt

  22. *ROTFLOL*

    Ah, surely you can kiss and tell, just do it the Mat Salo’s way: write a story and label it fiction, if people say the story is real, then you are a good story teller (according to Mat Salo).

    But you, sir, sure have ways with word.


    I am glad you enjoyed this, ma’am.

  23. Mamak,

    ‘…..is that it ,dear’

    ‘Big,strong and Healthy’.

    As you are,always ‘witty the willy’

    Pak Tuo

    Or how about the guy next to you at the urinal suddenly asking, “Where’s yours, man?!”

  24. Hilarious!

    Reminds me of a tale I once heard about LPPKN about educating a bunch of rural folks on “perancangan keluarga”.

    So they held a briefing in a balai raya, and demonstrated the use of condoms to the pakciks by placing them condoms on the index finger.

    6 months later, they had a review, and a pakcik complained that his wife got pregnant again.

    The officer asked him if he applied the right method, and of course the poor guy said “Saya ikut betul-betul macam Tuan tunjuk, bubuh dekat jari..”


    Good to have you visit, ma’am.

    Though I’ve heard this story many times, it never ever fails to amuse me.


  25. LOL. (well this is my first time commenting on your site)

    I was wondering weren’t they sell those ‘chewing gums’ in flavours then?

    Strawberry, sir?

    Pok Deng

    It is an honour to have you visit me, sir. The pleasure, I assure you, was all mine.

  26. Bro, belum habis cerita condom lagi kah?

    “Have you seen the printed warning on the condoms?”


    “Don’t u roll them right down?”………..hehehe…

    Tommy Yew

    Er… I’ve got to roll them all the way down? Nah! How can so long?

    You know that small bubble at the tip of the condom? That’s where mine goes 🙂

  27. dear sir,
    i spent my entire working day yesterday reading your blog from start to now.(hope my boss aint a fan of urs)
    i have to commend you on your excellent writing skills..i smiled, i laughed and i even shed a tear or two.
    pls continue writing and i look fwd to ur new posts.
    so count me in as another star struck fan..
    (gosh…i think i have a crush on U) he..hehe


    Uh… I’m speechless, ma’am; you said too many nice things about me.

    But I m glad that I was able to touch you and hope that I will be able continue to do so in the future.

  28. There, there, there, Mat. You lucky devil, again, and again.

    I’m getting zealous la.

    You are really living to your word, ha … turning disadvantage to advantage.

    Did I say disadvantage?

    Dry Humour

    Lucky? I should think not: I’m in no position to do anything about this – too old already-lah

    … and also too small 🙂

  29. Encik S.A.R,

    Just like Serene, I have the hugest crush on you, but I don’t think I stand a chance.

    So legendary you are, Sir, with the ladies in the blogsphere.

    Did you wife know you write like this, Sir? On a second thought, don’t answer that. I don’t give a damn about it.


    Ah, yes! It’s good meeting you again, ma’am. And I must say you are looking really well.

    Me? Oh, I’m fine. Thanks for asking, ma’am.

  30. dear sir,
    org tua-tua kata, orang lelaki jatuh cinta melalui pandangan mata, sebab tu lirik lagu berbunyi.. dari mata turun ke hati,
    orang perempuan jatuh cinta melalui telinga.. guess in this day and age.. thru the written words on the pages…guess that’s why we have so many ladies falling in love on the net thru chatting.
    and that is why you see so many sweet young things falling in love with pot bellied ‘tiny’ old men.. hehehehe
    dear embun, nice to know that i am not alone 🙂
    (gosh.. i dont THINK i have a crush on u, I KNOW I do) hehehe


    If I were even half the man you think I am, I’d be flattered. Alas, I am only little old me 🙂

  31. mat b,

    where there’s a willie, there’s a way
    isn’t that what they always say?

    now baru i faham… ;D

    mek yam

    And the operative phase is: “… where there’s a willie…”

    What happens when there is barely one? 🙂

  32. Hello!
    I dont know how I got here, but you had me lauging off my seats for a good one minute, or more….lol! Thanks for a very good laugh…I needed that!


    Always happy to oblige, ma’am.

    And thanks for visiting

  33. Dear MB

    Seems to me that you guys in the UK had more fun than us who were MARAed to US. Mat Kjenk once told me a story which also happened in a chemist in the UK.
    Its about this newly arrived Malaysian student who had to visit the chemist’s to buy some flu medication. He was asked, “Tablets or syrup?”. He thought for a while and he replied “Orange”!

    Tok MIlla

    What about the guy who went to the bank to cash his cheque?

    Bank Teller: And how would you like the money, sir?

    Greenhorn Malaysian: Er… I’d like them very much.

  34. Let me clear all this nonsense about this guy’s pecker..

    he is not at all tiny..he is a champion..he could easily be a pornstar if he wishes to…the producers will be lining up the whole block to get his signature…truly,thats the measure of this man.

    and its a good thing that most car are automatic now…cos it was difficult differentiating the two sticks in the old days.

    I hope this will end all the snide remarks pls.
    I speak with authority and hands on experience.

    Sarah C

    Oh, dear! Must have been another Bangkai… 😉

    This can get me into some serious trouble. Hang about while pick out a tombstone…

  35. Oh dearie me, we are still pecking at the pecker…

    Once, a group of old codgers (that’s us, ok) were discussing lagu2 lama while having teh tarik at a mamak joint, when this lady (ex-journo too) said her favourite oldie was … “alaah, lagu Punai Malam tuuu..”

    The entire table erupted.. she had meant “Serunai Malam”. ….

    PS: I like Punai Malam too 🙂

    Puteri Kamaliah

    As I suspected: Us old codgers do have a delicious sense of humour.

    I wonder who wrote “Punai Malam”? They just don’t write songs like they used to, eh? 🙂

  36. hehehehe….mamak!

    Lu kena snooker!

    Pak Tuo

    Commenter SarahC tu set-up gua besar-besaran, beb! Gua macam orang kena tuduh kentut di khalayak ramai: mengaku salah; tak mengaku, mampus orang tak percaya!

  37. Sir,

    Forgive me for asking: is this a place where you glorified your greatness in bed with ladies?

    And I so mistaken I was in thinking that you are different.


    Eh? I should think that even a cursory reading of any of my posts will reveal that have I never even hinted at being in the possession of any prowess of any sort – least of all, of the sexual variety. In fact, I have taken great pains, and gone to great lengths to assert the contrary. It thus amazes me as to how people seem to imbue me with qualities, I for one, am certain I do not have.

    If this makes me different, then I am guilty as sin.

  38. ” I have taken great pains, and gone to great lengths ….”

    Your ego knows no bounds.Typical Minang insecurities.

    Robina Xang

    Awww… that’s so sweet.

    And I love you, too.

  39. mat b said…

    And the operative phase is: “… where there’s a willie…”

    What happens when there is barely one?

    i suppose…

    when there is barely one
    yet the willie finds its way
    then the willie is bar none
    and deserving of its day! ;D

    Mek Yam

    I’ve never thought it this way
    perhaps there will come a day
    when my willie can come out to play!

  40. met b & puteri kama,

    i like the sound of lagu “punai malam” also.

    nak kena buat request at kak teh punya radio gig nih! 😀


    Calling Kak Teh! Calling Kak Teh!

    We have a request…

  41. cilipadi is pretty hot…but it gets between the teeth.,

    no new write ups my fren?ur on a brain freeze mode or is it cos ur other activities diverting the blood from the brain too much?

    look fwd to some new stories ya…

    Robina Xang

    You’re right. It’s about time I moved on to a new posting; this topic is getting quite stale.

  42. Wah Matt,

    What’ve u got yourself into? Bowled for a duck, first ball..kakaka…I blamed myself for tainting ur block with me bawdiness. I felt these comments are directed at me in a way too, betul kah?

    Ur response to Ribena Xang;

    Awww… that’s so sweet.

    And I love you, too.

    Hey that’s my fav line mah! Girls usually get stumped by that line…hehe.. I was a good wicketkeeper in taking catches & stumping but I’m a hopeless batsman, always get caught behind & LBW….cie la vie!

    Hope u have better luck in the next innings.


    Tommy Yew

    Nah! We started off squeaky clean. Hecklers came in and spiced it up.

  43. ‘…Typical Minang insecurities.’

    How well you know the ‘Minang’ communities Robina?

    Pak Tuo

    Yeah! I wonder, just how well does this Robina ‘person’ know about Minang culture. Not very much, I guess.

  44. Eiiiiii orang tua kutuk tak sedar diri nihhh! Rumah dah kata pergi, kubur dah kata pergi, masih miang keladi lagiiii!



    I believe, my dear, the expression is “Rumah kata pergi, kubur kata mari.. “

  45. mmm…napa ya, kekadang manusia suka marah2
    membuat hidup yang stressful nie makin la stressnya.
    kalau kita dah tak suka, napa nak baca , tapi kita baca jugak and lepas tu marah2.. pelik kan manusia nie


    There are all sorts in the world, dear.

  46. Sir,

    Perhaps you should tell your readers that my latest comment is indeed OUR private joke – which has obviously gone awry?

    Did you say 6 p.m. today, dear?

    Pak Tuo: coffee on me again this time? Would love to slow down the pace on my end. 🙂


    To my readers:

    This is a private joke that went awry. OK?

    No hard feelings were involved. No offense intended, no offense taken.

  47. mmmmm…guess i shud have kept my BIG mouth shut


    No need to feel bad, Serene. We are all among friends here – you included!

  48. AbgKai, is there a sequel to this story? So what happened next?


    There is a sequel to this. But considering what happened here, I may not post the sequel 🙂

  49. don’t i get a coffee invite too?awww..i am very partial to a good toraja…do they hv good coffee in bukit tinggi too?luv to try something from minang apart from lemak cilipadi..
    ur all my mamak mamak bagindo

    Robina Xang

    Sure! If you let us know who you are and how to contact you, we’d be honourd to have the pleasure of your company over some coffee.

  50. Pak Tuo,

    Of course she wins, sir… she always does 🙂

    But considering how badly MB is behaving lately, may be we should go have the coffee without him. What say you?

  51. Hmm, that was more than 27 years ago and you still remember. Such good memories, must say.

    “Things been going in and out of style
    Your article’s guaranteed to raise a smile
    You hope we will enjoy the show
    Sit back and let the evening go
    It’s wonderful to be here
    It’s certainly a thrill
    We’re such a lovely audience
    You’d like to take us home with you”

    -from Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (change some words, of course).

    Now, why do people after a certain age like to reminisce about the past?

    Lights in the distance,

    After a certain age, people perceive (either rightly or otherwise) that they are over the hill – that their lives are on the downhill leg of the trip. Thus, they recollect with much fondness the view they had while they were at the top. Sad as this might be, it is also quite true, I guess.

    The excerpt for Sgt Pepper is wonderful. It also brought memories of what things looked like when I was not yet on the downhill segment of this trip.

  52. congrats sir…

    a small thing have grown in stature..60 over comments..thats almost chedet territory.
    Doesn’t it just show wat a caring society we hv in malaysia…always ready to provide support ( is there any to support?)…
    I am proud to be Malaysian.



    Er… could it also simply be that Malaysians like self-deprecating willie stories?

  53. halo….

    alamak mamak! gua pulak yang kena snooker!

    Robina,Serena,Embun&m biswas

    tengok cerita P.Ramlee tak? ‘Madu Tiga’

    hehehe….mamak kita kena jack pot ke?

  54. hehehe pak tuo menang loteri, ramai sugguh peminat
    well sirs.. dun i get a coffee invite too?


    Sure! Like I said, we are among friends

  55. Thanks Abang Kai…ur such a dear.But i hv been thinking a bit..u know that ur now a known quantity ( watever little myb?) but paktuo is still a mystery.Myb thats a bit of ambon coursing thru his bloodstream?
    I dunno,myb i will coffee with Pak Tuo .Way things are now..may need a lawyer soon.

    Hope u won’t mind too much..u got Serena n Embun right?

    Robina Xang

    Of course you are welcome to Pak Tuo!

  56. Miss Beatrice, the church organist, was in her eighties. She had never been married. She was admired for her sweetness and kindness to all.
    One afternoon the pastor came to call on her and she showed him into her quaint sitting room. She invited him to have a seat while she prepared tea. As he sat facing her old Hammond organ, the young minister noticed a cute glass bowl sitting on top of it. The bowl was filled
    with water, and in the water, floated, of all things, a condom! When she returned with tea and scones, they began to chat. The pastor tried to stifle his curiosity about the bowl of water and its strange floater, but soon it got the better of him and he could no longer resist. ‘Miss Beatrice’, he said, ‘I wonder if you would tell me about this?’ Pointing to the bowl.
    ‘Oh, yes,’ she replied, ‘Isn’t it wonderful?
    I was walking through the park a few months ago
    and I found this little package On the ground.
    The directions said to place it on the organ,
    keep it wet and that it would prevent the spread of disease. Do you know I haven’t had the flu all winter.’



    This will keep me smiling like an idiot for the next few weeks.


  57. Ah,what a tricky pharmacist! I would’ve answered the same thing if she asked me that -_-


    Little old ladies behind the counter in London do have a sense of humour.

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