Funny Indian Parker Advertisement

I don’t usually plonk a YouTube video in my posting and consider that a valid entry–makes me feel more like the lazy bugger that I am. But sometimes there are exceptions. This video had me laughing like someone who had just smoked a couple of good joints (or so they tell me).

I just absolutely love Amitabh Bachan. So here you are: Enjoy!


10 thoughts on “Funny Indian Parker Advertisement

  1. LOL! That had me in stitches, AbgKai. We should confer on him a dato’ship just for making at least 2 Malaysians happy, today.


    Come to think of it, personally, I’d much rather Mr Bachan get conferred the dato’ship instead of the other Bollywood actor.

    How about it, Melaka? You’ve done it once with Mr Khan. Surely you can do it again for Mr Bachan!

  2. MB, that’s not fair. I used to only associate AB with romantic movies like Kabhi Kabhi and now – he is a comic who talks gibberish. Yes, I agree with Zendra, lets give him a Datukship – three malaysians in stitches now.

    Kak Teh

    Sorry, ma’am. I didn’t mean to take away anything from (Dato’?) Amitabh. This video is actually a testament to the man’s versatility, wouldn’t you say?

    What say you? Shall be petition the state of Melaka to do a Shah Rukh Khan for AB?

  3. Hi Matt,

    Actually that’s not how one should sound like when their pen IS leaking……….hehe…

    Have a good weekend, ppl.



    You have a good weekend, too, Tommy

  4. Mat

    It’s not about disappearing for a long time. It’s more like one post. Or until you bring out Amitabh Bachan.

    When I first heard my auntie speak in glorious terms in adoration for this man, it sounded to me more like Belacan. I couldn’t believe her. Seriously. The poor auntie, the poor man. She thought I was making fun of her idol. She could not forgive me for months.

    Now this belacan will get a Datukship. But many other smelly fellows also get it. Isn’t it?

    Did I sound terribly envious of the man? But I have to get my self confidence back. By one upmanship perhaps. Except I don’t have anything up. Except … now, now, don’t go there, Mat.


    Dry Humour

    You don’t need to be one up on anyone, sir; you are simply singular.

  5. Salam MB,

    didodido didididi.

    But, it was kind of stupid and funny. Bet the agency that did this will try to hide its name. At times, when the client insist on certain things, the agency has no choice but to go along.

    didodido didididi.


    Aha! But logic never sells any products: emotions do.

    In any case, the entertainment value of this ad must surely have carved a bigger mind-share for Parker in the pen market. It might not have gotten people to go out and buy Parkers by the droves, but guess which brand will the diehard Amitabh Bachan fan (Kak Teh, for example) now buy.

    And more importantly, it probably has kept the Parker brand, at least, in the background of the consumer’s mind–it has done so with me. The next time I buy someone a pen as a gift, it will probably be a Parker. No kidding! That I do not personally have any affinity for Parkers (Parker 51s and Duofolds excepted) is a different story.

    Er… when was your birthday, again?

  6. Er, actually I find the ad a bit illogical. Seems like the issue is bad handwriting, and there’s nothing you can do about it. Even with the best Parker pen.


    Same point cakapaje raised: it doesn’t appeal to one’s logic.

    I just loved this ad for its entertainment value. I’m easy that way 🙂

  7. Point taken, point taken. Yeah it is humorous all right. As an aside, I used to work for the company than bought over the Parker brand about 10-12 years ago. Back during my schooldays, it is always either Parker or Sheaffer fountain pens. Unfortunately all I ever had were those leaky Heros. The only one time my father loaned me his Sheaffer, I lost it – on the very same day. I know it pained him but he never showed it.

  8. Ohh.. I see, they were trying to sell Parker. I thought they were trying to lelong the Big Ben that was ticking so distractingly at the background. *laughs*


    That clock is so distracting, isn’t it? I wonder why they’ve put it there in the first place.

  9. May I bro plonk this to share [*lazy to write mood*]:)

    Nosey Parker:

    “The most usual origin suggested is the late (the very late) Matthew Parker, Archbishop of Canterbury in the reign of Elizabeth I in the sixteenth century. He was a reforming cleric, noted for sending out detailed enquiries and instructions relating to the conduct of his diocese. Like many reformers, he was regarded as a busybody.

    However, the huge flaw in this suggestion is that the term nosey Parker isn’t recorded until 1907.

    The term nosey for someone inquisitive, figuratively always sticking their nose into other people’s affairs, is a little older, but even that only dates back to the 1880s. Before then, anyone called nosey was just somebody with a big nose, like the Duke of Wellington, who had the nickname Old Nosey.

    One suggestion, put forward by Eric Partridge in his Dictionary of Slang and Unconventional English, was that the saying dates from the Great Exhibition in Hyde Park in 1851.

    Very large numbers of people attended the Exhibition, so there would have been lots of opportunities for peeping Toms and eavesdroppers in the grounds.

    The word parker has since medieval times been used for an official in charge of a park, a park-keeper; I’ve read that the term was used informally for the royal park-keepers who supervised Hyde Park at the time of the Great Exhibition. So the saying might conceivably have been applied to a nosey park-keeper.”

    dak ah bau

    Never thought of this one before. Very interesting, tho.

    Trivia like this keeps me going. Now I know the etymology of Nosey Parker. Thanks

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