No, Not In A Shy Way

I have to go away for awhile, but I’ll leave you with this video from YouTube.

I know this is not Sinatra, but towards the end of the video there are snippets in which Mr Williams’ expressions are just priceless.

This is my way of saying thanks to the people who have come here and made my life all the richer for the experience. This song goes to Higashi-san, Dry Humour, Puteri Kamaliah, Kak Teh, De Minimis, Tommy Yew, Pok Deng, Elviza, Kassim Ahmad, Embun, Salmongkol, Mamasita, A Voice, Pak Tuo, Galing68, Dak Ah Bau, Iftinanz, Jordan, Theta, the-plague, Andrea Whatever, Cakapaje and of course, Mat Salo.

I am sorry if I’ve left anyone out, but my frame of mind isn’t exactly at its best right now.

Once again, from the bottom of my heart, please accept a big “Thank you” from me. You people have come to mean more to me than you will ever know. Keep well, my friends.

Come sing this along with me, OK?

In the immortal words of Dame Vera Lynn, “We’ll Meet Again!”


41 thoughts on “No, Not In A Shy Way

  1. My friend, Mat-san,

    Something tells me this hiatus is v-important to you.Go-ahead, it will be good for the soul.

    I`ve walked that lonely road sometimes in the past.But it`s well worth it, for when all else seems totally insurmountable, enlightenment in the fact that the love one feels for oneself will turn out to be the only and very thing which will give us that reason to exist and continue existing, with resolve and purpose.

    I`ll relate you an anecdote about me. I had felt totally lost and hopeless that first week I arrived at that breathtakingly beautiful lakeside town in Europe,more than 2-decades ago, to pursue my post-grad program.The bitterly cold winter didn`t help at all,and the sense of helplessness was compounded by the fact that nobody spoke any English outside the lecture theatre,only French.And I was the only one from Malaysia in that University that year(and for some years before and after me,as I discovered later).Naturally, my grades in the first couple of weeks was zilch, so much so that I was referred to the student counsellor,on mandatory basis.That student counsellor,a German, was a qualified psychiatrist, and used to consult astronauts in the NASA program.

    He asked me what my problem was, and after some analysis on that ubiquitous couch, zeroed in on the fact that I was sorely missing home, and especially my short, I was resisting the change to my new environment.

    What he counselled me thereafter transformed the way I look at life forever,even to this day.He said,”Listen,young man.If you want to be successful in anything, just focus on YOU ,and the task at hand, to the exclusion of anyone and anything else.. family, wife, kid, tomorrow`s uncertainties, the future,the whole lot.That`s the only way to succeed.You must want success for yourself only, not because success will make others around you happier,prouder, more well off, etc etc.Until you get that into your system, you will never be successful.Period!”

    Cheers, Mat-san, and enjoy your sabbatical.I wish you peace, and enlightenment!

  2. Good luck Matt,

    A man gotta do what a man gotta do.

    My toast to you;

    I drink to your health when I’m here in your blog.
    I drink to your health when I’m alone.
    I drink to your health so often.
    I’m becoming concerned at my own. 😉

    Take care buddy,

  3. Dear MB,

    I don’t know why I feel sad after reading your posting. As if you will not be writing for a long time. Hope you will not be away for too long. Although I seldom leave comments here but I never failed to read all your postings.

    Wish you well & happiness sir!

    p/s That’s a superb performance by Robbie W.


  4. oh no, not again. hope it’s not rick’s cafe all over again when you went away and came back as someone else.

    i’ll see you when i see ya! take care!! 😀

  5. oh no!! I am usually the first one to read your entry as you press the publish button because you do it while I am still awake. And now I missed this and where are you and why? and why the tone of finality in all this? And dont do a rick’s cafe all over again to me MB. Did I miss something in the last entry – i probably did, blur as I am. But take care . All will be well, Insyaallah.
    (I am already starting the first few lines of the song….)

  6. Alamak. I have just became your new fan. And now you are leaving. This entry makes me sad. And I am already sad about something else this morning. 😦

    May you write again.

  7. I’m stunned. And speechless (yup! a first!!)

    But you do know, right? that you will be much missed and that our weekends would be one less riotous without those wickedly hilarious jottings from your clever mind. Hee hee.

    But I respect your decision and that sometimes, we have to do what we have to do.

    Till your next post… take care, Mat.

  8. What! NO Tea and Scones ANYMORE?!!

    This is so sad! 😦

    Hi Mat Bangkai! *waves* My husband and I are huge fans of your writings – silent fans – but fans nevertheless! 🙂

    We’d like to thank you, really, for the smiles you put on our faces; the good laughs ( at your expense, most times! Lol!) that has been such a healing balm to our souls. Thank you! 🙂

    All the best, and hope all’s well soon.

  9. You will never walk alone…
    Its odd ya ..but each time I read ur blog its like looking at a painting and getting an orgasmic feedback just by the canvas..
    A man just got to do wat he got to do..but please make sure ur aim is true.
    best of luck n c u in KLCC soon

  10. Salam MatB,

    I just noticed the link under Dessert and was about to reciprocate when this post of yours informs us that you’ll be away.

    Ah… apa kisah, I’ll link you anyway. Because I’m sure you’ll be back. Regrets, I have a few…

    BTW, I just remembered QOTH telling me that you studied in the UK. I’m trying hard to recall if I’ve actually met you in person.

    Take care, my friend.

  11. Tommy Yew summed it up very well: A man’s gotta do do what he’s gotta do.

    You have moved hordes of “ye’ faithful” with the power of your words, Sir, and no doubt you will do it again.

    Take care, God Bless and Godspeed, Bangkai-San!

    Everything will come to pass, just like when there was a time I thought that I’d never get over her; my soul all battered and bruised, but I eventually did. Sorry to digress, bro…

  12. I read this yesterday afternoon. I thought if I ignore it, go to sleep quietly, everything will be fine again this morning.

    That you will take down this posting while I sleep.

    Didn’t happen.

    You are still leaving!!

  13. I am being positive and hoping this would a short break and you would come back again to regale us with your wonderful tales.

    Enjoy your time off and come back when you are ready.

    All the best, MB.

  14. mat b,

    you’ve been my source of relief from all those depressing sopo blogs.

    thanks for opening up the flood gates of memories of this 60-year old with a heart condition.

    god bless


  15. Salam Mat Bro.,
    Take that break/hibernation if you have to… you know yourself better of course; but still m gonna miss your sharp & brilliant obeservations on life… take care bro. and may Allah guide you to the best path!

  16. You’re by far the best writer in Malaysian blogosphere. Please don’t go away for too long.

    p/s: Love Robbie!

  17. dear mb,

    this is just a hiatus, right? until you ko the recession when u get your second wind, right?

    please don’t give up on that second wind. it’s the puff from Himself, mat.

    you’ll be sorely missed and in my prayers, meantime… and NOW…

  18. Mr MB,
    i sincerely hope that you’ll find whatever you’re looking for. Don’t take too long though. My prayers and supplications for your well-being.
    Stay safe…..

  19. Aisehhhhh ……

    Pls be back soon ya? Like the V shape economic recovery predicted for Msia, sharp downturn, and sharp rebound.

    p/s kena pi cari kopi o & nasi lemak pulak for the timebeing la eh?

  20. dear sir,

    i missed rick’s cafe when you ‘pulled the shutters’ and then by chance, I stumbled upon ‘bangkai’. yippiessss….i found YOU!

    i have been a silent reader but I laughed out loud most times when reading your most sharp and witty posts.

    and now you’re saying goodbye…i’m gonna miss you lots.

    take care and return to us soon.

  21. Mat

    Hope you are OK. Whatever your are doing, let me try and amuse you a little. The usual MCKK

    Oscar Wilde was rather wild for his time. He’d be very mild in San Francisco these days.

    There’s a new theory that San Francisco gays became daring because of earthquake tremors. There were some tremors I can assure you. Like the road drilling machines. Goodness gracious them.

    I simply don’t understand why they must have the title of Rear Admirals. It’s not funny standing behind old Admirals. Not after 3 months at sea and you are quite virile.

    Enough with my kind of jovial bout. Lest your genteel regulars might cast me out.

    These days I don’t have scones for tea. Not even Darjeeling or Japanese Green tea. Only Boh tea. In view of the state of the economy. And of the Company.

    Cheers, my friend.

  22. Mat

    May I try to be a bit philosophical this time.

    Funny this species called human beings. The
    tendency to support the aristocratic, the nobility. The serfdom mentality.

    In the UK they broke the tradition. Hence the traditional lords became isolated, living in castles, eating in huge dining halls, with high ceilings, 20 ft long dining tables, the lord at one end the lady at the other, too long to converse, so alone and desolate, quite a few ending up being eccentric, otherwise simply not being people-centric.

    In the US they don’t care a damn about those with strong roots. Those who went there were mostly not well rooted. Now some one with an African root has managed to put out a strong foot.

    Perhaps most of us want the easy way out. Simply assume the aristocratic and the nobility breed good leaders and soothsayers. It’s easier still just to say yes when many others say best.

    Am I leading anywhere? I am if I have yards of space to blare. For now, I’ll leave it suspended. And hope nobody gets offended.

    Rather dull Saturday morning this one, Mat. Let’s try to make the best of it with a hat. Cheers.

  23. I don’t know what to say, except that I will pray for all things good for you, and may the bump be a small one and the hiatus a short one. God speed, my good man.

  24. Ah … it’s a tough year, innit?

    I’ve had more stress in the first quarter alone than I’ve had in the last 3 years.

    Take a break, by all means – but make sure you come back.

    Remember – that which fails to kill you will only make you stronger.


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