Shipload of Control Freaks

Me: I’d like to gather all the control freaks I know, put them on a ship…

Friend: And torpedo them?

Me: No, silly. And see if the ship can get anywhere!

Friend: I see. And do we get to torpedo them after that?


3 thoughts on “Shipload of Control Freaks

  1. If you don’t mind.. before you put me on the ship, I wish to have the name list of all the other people who are designated for the ship for my approval; and also, I wish to have a tour of the kitchen, the bathroom/toilet and living quarters. Dun get me wrong, I am not a control freak. It’s just that I always believe that if you want something done correctly and your way, you have to do it. *ROTFL*


    You crack me up, ma’am.

    You? A control freak? How could anyone think that from reading your comment!

    (Captain to torpedo room! Arm torpedoes and flood the tubes…)


  2. Matt, did u ran into a brick wall?…hahaha..

    I’m the control freaks greatest NIGHTMARE!!!!! Exocet Mark 1

    Hey u, what u looking at? / Lu kua mik lan!!! 🙂


  3. Nice picture! Phew! Talking about torpedo… the N-S Koreans almost go to war because of this… (btw, who could tell that it is the N-Koreans who did it… it could well be the CIA/Americans… by planting the “evidence”… no? I thought they did this to start the Vietnam war?)… anyway, wrong place for that…. now, I thought the torpedo is a more apt name for that whale species… S-whale vs T-whale?

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