Sofian’s Photoblog

A quick screenshot

Just to let everyone know that I’ve started a photoblog called ‘Sofian’s Photoblog’. This is so that I don’t have to chuck everything here. My photography stuff will all go to the photoblog.

Hope you will enjoy your visit to my photoblog.

UPDATE 7/07/10: I’ve renamed my photoblog. Now it’s called “Maybe Tomorrow…”


8 thoughts on “Sofian’s Photoblog

  1. Sir Bang, there’s a free photo editor software around the net. It’s called Photoscape and I think it’s good for amateurs like us. Maybe you should give it a try.

    Pok Deng

    Thanks for the heads up, bro! I’ll hunt down this Photoscape thinggy.

  2. nice, very nice. looking forward to future snaps. : )


    Thanks, ma’am. I hope my work will make your visits worthwhile

  3. Salam, Sofian. Hope you have a good time with this hobby of yours. Just want to wish you and family Selamat berpuasa (sedikit lambat here…) Tarawih kat kampung sure lagi best, kan?


    Thank you for the kind wishes. Selamat berpuasa to you and yours, too. Best tarawih kat kampung? Errr… I’m a still newcomer here and still have to wait for my place the inner circle. In time… in time…

  4. Salaam bro,
    May i have your e-mail add please. No worries, i wont bug you like 24/7 or bombard your e-mail with nude pics ha ha.
    Sometimes need to ask and i dont want to look silly if it appeared on your comment space in your blog.

    You can reach me at

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