Notes to Myself (And Whoever Else Is Interested) – 1

Just expanding on a few things I overheard recently – and not so recently

  • “What a stupid thing to do!”I just can’t help but admire people who try but then fail. Personally, I admire less people who sit back comfortably, do nothing but criticise, and then start criticising even more when things go wrong.
  • “Nice. But this photo has been edited, hasn’t it? Me? I’m interested in photography, not editing” – It never fails to amuse me how willing people can be when it comes to putting down others who do not subscribe to their way of thinking. I guess it’s difficult to recognize arrogance in its many guises.
  • “After all that I’ve done for him/her!” – This has to be the most cancerous and self-destructive thought known to man. The need for reciprocity is OK in business. However, in human relationships, it poisons the spirit and taints sincerity. Human relationships aren’t supposed to be transactional.

8 thoughts on “Notes to Myself (And Whoever Else Is Interested) – 1

  1. I like that very much…”Human relationships aren`t supposed to be transactional”.Why must everything be a balance sheet, right?If I may be permitted to proffer a phrase myself, how`s this?..”If we truly believe in the sanctity of giving,receiving becomes irrelevant”.

    BTW, my friend, if you are still based in Umbai, that heavenly sleepy hollow, can you private email me?Need to check something with you.


    • Higashi-san

      ”If we truly believe in the sanctity of giving,receiving becomes irrelevant”. How potent!

      Yes, I still make my home in Umbai. But until 28th Dec I will be mostly in KL conducting a month long training gig at Technology Park Malaysia.

      I can’t email u becoz when my old computer crashed, all my data got vaporised. I think you will have to email me first at and we can take it from there.

  2. Salaam bro,
    Nice shot. Was it taken off-shore presumebly on a boat? i’m trying to convince a buddy of mine who happened to own a boat. Not those expensive ones but a simple boat that can take up five adults comfortably on a fishing cruise. Its currently park somewhere around Pulau Indah. If i succeed, perhaps i can persuade him to go down to Umbai & pick you up. Howzat?

  3. “After all that I’ve done for him/her!”

    This line, you need a very very big heart not to utter it. Not an easy task. Not impossible either. Happy Maal Hijrah, Sofian. May you and family have a fruitful and blessed year 🙂

  4. Yan,

    This blog is dying an untimely death. I love all the photos you display elsewhere with obvious devotion to photography, but please, just WRITE MORE.

    Your starving fan,

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