The Bond Awards

The Greatest Bond – EVER! – Let’s start with the easiest. This one goes to Sir Sean Connery. Frankly, nobody does it better… Fans of Roger Moore might violently disagree. But hey! They should just stick to watching The Saint.

The Meanest Bond Award – Bond is British. But one guy took it a step further: Bond is now British as well as BRUTISH! This honour goes to Daniel Craig

The Luckiest Bond Award – This one goes to Timothy Dalton. Why? He got to play opposite the most beautiful Bond girl ever: Maryam d’Abo

The Unluckiest Bond Award – What can I say? George Lazenby wins this hands down. Why? Well, he actually went off and got himself married (albeit to Diana Rigg), didn’t he? And to top it all off, she got snuffed out by the bad guys.

The Best-Looking Bond – I’d say this would have to go to Pierce Brosnan. Then again, Bonds shouldn’t look pretty: they should just look like Sean Connery

The Should Have Stayed Home Award – How shall I put this? Roger Moore was sort of OK-ish as Simon Templer in the Saint, wasn’t he? He should have stayed there.

10 thoughts on “The Bond Awards

    • Yay! A woman after my own heart. Connery is Bond; Bond is Connery. The others are just impostors. As for me, Maryam d’Abo is still the no. 1 Minah Bond. Good to hear from you again, ma’am

    • In some ways he is good-looking I suppose. But there’s also a trace of meanness somewhere in there. I mean, you don’t want to be in a punch-up with him anywhere close to a cliff

      • also least classy, imho. but classiness is also a thing of the past. if one watches those clinty’s spaghettis [and others of the same era], one realized even the old western anti-heroes heroes were classy. : )

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