About Sofian

The Person: Male. 49. Malaysian. Malay. Law. Computers. Reflexologist. Manager. Father. Brother. Son. Husband. Occasional punching-bag/door-mat (used to be; not anymore). Former bouncer. Anglophile. Karateka. Former kick-boxer. Writer wannabe. Thinks he was once a WWll RAF fighter pilot. Currently an independent trainer on his way to becoming a National Geographic photographer (yeah… sure)

Interests: Photography. Fountain-pen (Pelikans and Lamy). Guitars (Fender Telecasters). Mountain biking (XC only). Quantum physics. Folding knives. Okinawan weapons. Balisongs. Fighter aircraft. Theory of Relativity. Tea. Super-string Theory. Impressionism (Monet and Van Gogh). P-H-O-T-O-G-R-A-P-H-Y

Literary: F Scott Fitzgerald. W Somerset Maugham. Richard Bach. VS Naipaul. Andre Dubus. Idries Shah. Tony Parsons. Sue Townsend. Tom Clancy. Julian Barnes. Stuff on Malaya during the colonial era. “Complete Idiots Guide To… ” books

Singers and Musicians: Englebert Humperdink. Tom Jones. Barry Manilow. Kenny Rodgers. Eagles. Al DiMeola. Pat Metheny. Django Reinhardt. Wes Montgomery. Eric Clapton. Chuck Mangione. Fleetwod Mac. BB King. Whitney Houston. Tan Sri P Ramlee. M Nasir. Bad Company. Arlo and Woody Guthrie. Jackson Browne. SpyroGyra. John Denver. D’Lloyds. Weather Report. Broery Marantika. Stanley Clarke. James Taylor.

Movies and Actors: Casablanca. Ibu Mertuaku. Rocky. A Star is Born. Labu Labi. The Bodyguard. M Zain. Nottinghill. A Man Called Joe. Udo Omar. First Blood. High Crimes. Humphrey Bogart. Henry Fonda. Kris Kristofferson. Morgan Freeman. John Nettles. Kevin Costner. John Travolta. Ahmad Nisfu. Anthony Hopkins.

31 thoughts on “About Sofian

  1. ehem..if you mail me your email add, i will share with you my personal thoughts.
    (Bangkai’s Note: email address deleted to protect Mrs J’s privacy)

    Mrs J

    Wow! The first comment on my “About” page. OK, no problem. I’ll email you.

  2. I am singing. Here it goes…

    “A kiss is still a kiss in Casabalanca… but a kiss is not a kiss without your sigh…”

    But please, Tom Jones & Manilow? Oh, come on…


    And I am singing this:

    “You must remember this, a kiss is still a kiss, a sigh is just a sigh… the fundamental things apply, as time goes by… ”

    Yes, ma’am… Tom Jones and Manilow. How can anyone not love “Love me tonight” and “Even now”?

  3. From ‘gin and tonic’ to ‘setan and tonic’ – probably nothing made me laugh as hard as that after Labu Labi.


    Labu Labi ranks as one of my all-time favourite P Ramlee movies. Just can’t shake the dialogue (in thier hilarious British accent) between P Ramlee and M Zain

    P Ramlee: Ini perempuan… saya yang punya!

    M Zain: Mana boleh! Ini perempuan… saya yang punya!

    That was a gem!

  4. Man, your blog completely blew me away. Really good stuff, bro’. Met up with Shah last time around post Eid..

    I too am 45 so we’re contemporaries. Eh still do a little bit of kayuh-ing? I got an XC Superlight that’s gathering dust – nd to shed a few tons but most of the time I lie rotting in the swamps of Kalimantan Timur, so it’s hard. Say, went into a store in Bangsar awhile back and was just about to take the ‘moleskin’ to the purty cashier when my eyes literally bugged out bro’ ($$$!) . Besides, I don’t write nearly well enough, heh…

    Mind if I blogroll you bro’?

    [mat salo]

    Thanks, bro. I wish I could say I still ride but nowadays, I always seem to be coming up with more excuses than riding. My main ride is a Mongoose Pro SX with Shimano LX/XC groupset and Judy forks – which is gathering dust somewhere in Melaka.

    Great to get to know you, bro. Keep in touch. By all means, blogroll me.

  5. @Bangkai: Don’t know how but I’ve nevr been in this neighborhood before. Now that I have I like it. Good stuff and goo laughs too. Keep the faith bro.


    Thanks for the visit and the kind words, bro. Glad you enjoyed this blog – yes, I am keeping the faith.

  6. Exxxcuse me, sir … but could you kindly explain why you have me down as dessert and Lily as a main course?

    One would think that Scousers are always hard to stomach … *sniff

    *forgive me for dragging this onto your pristine pages but a man always has to make his, er, stand, all the time – wouldn’t you agree?*

    [sir cipan nougat-tenuk]

    But sir, I know nothing about football (or soccer, as some call it)!

    Nevertheless, you are absolutely right! A man has to make is stand – and what a magnificent stand it was, too. I will rectify the situation.

  7. sir,

    u were a bouncer? really?


    Yes, ma’am. I was once a bouncer. But that was a long time ago. Nowadays, the only thing that bounces is my unsightly pot belly 🙂

  8. hi sir,I’ve been reading your blog for the past few weeks and I really enjoy it.keep writing!i’m looking forward to your next entry…


    Nice of you to drop by, ma’am. I’ll keep on writing… mustn’t disappoint the few readers that I have 🙂

  9. hi sir. suka movie a star is born ya? i like it too. watched it years ago.


    Yes, maam. Kris Kristofferson is one of the greatest. Cool-and-collected macho crap. I like him and people like Morgan Freeman, Billy Bob Thornton – especially when they play the down-and-out ‘hero tua’.

  10. opps….i watched a star is born yg Judy Garland and James Mason punya version. yg Barbra Streisand and Kris Kristofferson blm tgk lg. 😉

  11. I love my Lamy 2000, too. It’s beautifully engineered and is a great writing pen. I do find the fine nib just a little to broad for my taste and will get it to a nibmeister to get it adjusted.

    Hi Jonro

    The L2K is just brilliant, isn’t it? Out performs pens that are a lot more expensive. Thanks for dropping by. And good luck with the nibmeister.

  12. Sir,

    I am astounded to find so many of my favourite singers in your list….and to top it all, my favourite movie Casablanca…its a sad thing that youngsters nowadays do not know how to appreciate great singers and movies….

    Oh, by the way, love what you wrote in this blog.

    Hello Renny

    Those are some of the greatest musicians who ever lived, ma’am. At least, in my books.

    As for Casablanca, the world can make a million movies and then go on to make yet another million; it will still be Casablanca for me – forever and always.

    Thanks for visiting and for your kind words, ma’am

  13. And, if I may, hello Ms. Renny a.k.a the perfect stranger in my life. How did you find this gem of a link??

    Hmmmmm ….. trap, trap, trap! (you know, that is the sound of my fingers drumming on the table, every time I am lost for words).

  14. I’m extremely glad I found your blog. I cannot help but keep coming back. Absolutely enjoy your pen. Keep on blogging mate. How about Pink Floyd and Dire Straits ?

    Pak Din

    Mark Knopfler’s solo in Sultans of Swing must rate as one of the greatest guitar solos – ever! I’m not that big into Pink Floyd. But Dire Straits? YES!

    And thanks for the kind words, Pak Din

  15. do check out mark knopflers ‘brothers in arms’ solo video too, if you haven’t already. pure melodious silk.


    Sorry it took so long to reply; I missed checking this page. All I can offer are lame excuses 🙂

    But anything by Knopfler is bound to be smashing. The man can do no wrong!

  16. hi there!

    clicking the links at a favorite blog can be such a random walk.

    i chanced on your link at sakmongkol’s and expected to reach a questionable hood.

    it’s the name, you see.

    but voilà, i find yours such a gem of a blog that i feel cheated not finding it sooner.

    in the words of arnie schwarzenneger, i’ll be baak!


    Yes, ma’am. The name tends to put people off. But it does sound deliciously like a questionable hood’s name. doesn’t it?

    Glad you came and do come ‘baak’.

  17. Dear sir,
    Why haven’t you written anything lately. I’ve been waiting for new entries from you as I find them very enlightening. Although I’m not from your cohort and some of the terms you use are quite alien to me, I still manage to enjoy and learn a lot from your writings. Please continue to write!

  18. Hi Bankai,

    I have never been a fan of blog sites, and I stumbled on to yours while looking for my latest infatuation – demonstrator pens. You are seriously funny! I will now probably spend the rest of week reading your archive.

    Separately, any tips on demonstrators for a newbie?


    I am glad you enjoy my blog. And thanks for the compliment.

    About demonstrators: You cannot go wrong with any of the Pelikan M200 demonstrators. But they may be a bit hard to find nowadays. Personally I am looking for the blue one to complete my collection. But if you want to bump up a few price brackets, you may want to look at the M800 demo or even the Pilot 74 and Pilot 834 – both are superlative performers

    A lot of people are worried about staining on demos. Personally I have never had any issues with this: I am quite fastidious about cleaning my pens (flushing and soaking) after every tankful of ink. If you follow the same regime, things should turn out OK.

    I look forward to your further visits

  19. Hi Bankai,

    I stumbled on to your blog while looking for a place in KL to buy ink – the truth is I don’t know where I can buy Noodler’s Ink apart from ordering them online – which i quite expensive during this current economy situation….

    Since you own 24 pcs of fountain pen (correct me if I’m wrong) – i bet you’re the right person to ask for help!

    Btw, you are quite funny in your blog and will definitely rss your blog to my google reader.

    I would like to say ‘thank you’ in advance! 🙂


    I am afraid – unless I am horribly mistaken – nobody in KL carries Noodler’s. I have seen Diamine and Private Reserve at Pen Gallery (the Weld), but I have never come across anybody selling Noodler’s. Like you, I’ve been trying to get Noodler’s without having to go online. No luck so far.

    Someone – can’t recall who – said Noodler’s is available in Singapore. However, I can’t verify whether or not this is true. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help than this.

    Thanks for dropping by.

  20. …salam..what? no matt monroe and steve lawrence..too old for u, huh?..just discovered your station in cyberspace..nice..



    I know Matt Monroe! I like him, too – but not that much. Steve Lawrence is a bit of a mystery, tho.

    Good to have you visit me, sir.

  21. ..this steve lawrence..angst driven song for an angst ridden kid in the 60’s,…


    Aha! It’s your fault, you know – now I’m a Steve Lawrence fan.

    Thank you, sir!

  22. Bro,
    U have a link to Ridhuan Tee? In 1990, he was teaching Tatanegara at my A-Level college. I remember the day he called out my name and said “aah, nama yang sama… tapi ejaan yang BERBEDA…” Hahahaha!


    Yeah, I used to know him when he was a researcher at IKIM. Masa tu dia belum Dr Rithuan lagi… just plain old Encik Rithuan. Great guy!

  23. Hi Mr B,
    Just to wish you, Mrs B and young ones a happy new year. May the year 2010 brings you happiness, peace of mind, success etc etc…

  24. Hey there.
    It’s nice to finally get to know your name and face… Mr B.


    Yes, ma’am. This is the name and the face I was born with. Not exactly Brad Pitt; but not quite Quasimodo, either 🙂

    It was time to shed the mask.

  25. Good blog. Like it. One point of disagreement though. I once used a Lamy, it leaked bad, bro, and had to scrawl too many empty words on pad before it even started to flow.

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